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Attention Trick or Treaters!!

The Meadow Grove Public Library will be hosting their annual Halloween parade on Halloween night at 5;30 pm. We will be lining up in front of the Community Building on Main Street. Prizes will be given for three different age groups, 3-5, 6-9, & 10-12.  We can’t wait to see all of your awesome costumes!!

Happy Holidays!!!!

No, we haven’t forgotten our webpage! It has just been so busy at our library.

We have started a Young Friends of the library group and the teens that attend are awesome. We have done several activities with the group and we can’t even pick a favorite, because they have all been fun.

Currently the kids have been selling glass blocks they have made into Christmas lighted decorations. All the proceeds from this sale will go for new young adult services.

Our gazebo is all decorated for Christmas. Barb and Doris did a great job.

Our wish for you all is to have a VERY Merry Christmas and a VERY Happy New Year!!!!

Amazing People!

What a way to start a weekend, with a nice and cool morning!!

I just want to let everyone know that volunteers will start on the gazebo this morning! We are so excited!!!! Also, we now have a bike rack that we have been wishing for, for a long time. Dave and Dawn Beltz of Meadow Grove found a wonderful one for us and even delivered it!! How great is that?!

We have some very wonderful people in our small community, that are willing to give up their time to work on our projects!! Our library wouldn’t be what it is without them.

Summer At the Library

The missing librarian is back!!! I apologize for not posting for awhile, but we have had many irons in the fire here.

We have had new cupboards & a counter installed to give us a nice work area and much needed storage space. Last week we had a new sidewalk in front of the library installed, courtesy of the Don & Joan Mozer family. The village replaced the rest of the sidewalk to second street.

Hopefully, next week our last outside project will start. We are putting up a gazebo on the lot east of the library. There will also be pathways to the gazebo, trees and grasses planted. This project is courtesy of the Monsanto funds we received the first of the year.

Today was the start of our Summer Story Hour. We had 24 children attending and sharing the fun. They dug for treasures, looked for bugs, made sand art, started sweet potato plants and had snacks.

The biggest surprise of all for them was an exhibit from Ashfall State Park, which consisted of a rhino head and picture boards. It was so much fun to see the expressions on their faces when they saw it for the first time.

Our First Snowstorm

There for awhile I was beginning to wonder if the weather bureau had made a booboo wth our forcast, but unfortunately it started to snow about 1:30 this afternoon. We have had a few brave souls come in since then.

Our little library has been very lucky this month. One of our faithful patrons won a drawing with the Monsanto company and the prize was a sizeable donation to the organization of their choice. Yes, the chose the library!!! Monsanto representatives will be attending our board meeting next week and we will receive the money then. Now we have the BIG decision as to what to do with this money. A couple things come to mind so keep visiting our website to hear what new things we will be doing here.


Sewing Class for Young Adults!!

Would you like to take a sewing class and create something for your mom or for your room?

On Saturday, February the 23rd, 9am-12pm, we will be hosting a sewing class at the Community Building in Meadow Grove.

You will be learning how to make a “10 Minute Table Runner.”

We will have fabric kits available for you to buy for $10. There will be no charge for the class. You must bring your own sewing machine to use.

Stop in at the library to sign up for the class so we can put you on the “sewing” list.

School has started and things have slowed down at the library. We are still suffering from the terrible heat in our area.

The 5th and 6th of this month I am attending a 2-day BTOP workshop in Norfolk. I am looking forward to all of the new info.

We have lots of VHS tapes for sale. We weeded them from our collection since they were not being checked out anymore. We are selling them for really CHEAP prices. The more you buy the cheaper they are. Of course we also have books for sale too.

We have lots of new books and DVDs ready for checkout, so stop in and see if any are you style.

Fall is Coming

The leaves are turning yellow already and the farmers are cutting silage. I think this means fall is coming soon.

We have a new item for you to check out at the Meadow Grove Library. “Flip” cameras are now available for checkout. A deposit is required to check these out. They may be used for school projects, family trips or reunions and etc. We hope they get used alot.

September 24th, during the village’s Q125 celebration, the library will be holding it’s annual Silent Auction. The auction will be held at the library this year from 1-6pm. We hope our patrons come up with some great items to auction off.

Some good books to read this fall are The Lost Wife, The Orchard and The Lincoln Lawyer. Young adults we have several Sarah Dessen books ready for checkout.

Check out our new Facebook page! Emily, one of our interns, helped me set it up.