Closing Information

Sorry, Folks. Library is going to be closed for a while. Here’s a few things we can do while all of this craziness is going on.
*Fines will be suspended for the time being.  All materials currently out are now Due 4/13/2020
*The Library Guest wi-fi network will be faster for a while and we’re going to increase the hours it is active.  It should be available from most of the park (including the parking spots).
*If you visit you can use your User Name (Library Card Number) and Password (Phone Number) to access both our Online Catalog and Overdrive.
*If you don’t remember your Library Card Information you can email the Library at (Please use Library Card in the subject so it doesn’t get buried) with what information you can remember and we’ll get you your library info back to you as soon as we can.
*We are working on a curbside service for reserved materials but the exact mechanism is still in development.

Have a safe day! ~George