5 Amazing Libraries You Must Visit

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Your Library Your Voice

This is the name of the campaign for the new Christchurch New Zealand central library.  Every person was able to give their input on important issues such as What’s Most Important? and How Would You Use the Library?  There were also several short surveys that could be filled out.  Here’s the link to the website where you can read what people had to say:  yourvoice.ccc.govt.nz/your-library-your-voice

This is just one example of how you can gain input from your community.


Personal income growth/decline in Nebraska

You might want to check out this link to an interactive map that depicts personal income growth and decline in Nebraska counties:



SRP Science theme decorations

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Author Mary Stewart

I learned yesterday that one of my favorite authors during my teens/20′s has passed.  Mary Stewart was 97 years old.

I came to her via her romantic suspense novels.  She was a master at giving the reader a sense of place and her novels are almost all in exotic settings.  Her heroines were not 50′s housewives but (for the most part) women of sense and adventure.   What is interesting in contrast to today’s authors is that she wrote these books in first person.  It’s hard for me to choose just one favorite title but I suppose the first one I read sticks with me the most: Madam, Will You Talk?  My favorite line from this book:  Who’s Johnny? My favorite opening sentence: I met him in a street called Straight.

Others most likely came to Stewart via her popular Merlin trilogy.

Whichever path you took, you were/are in for a great read!