Spice up Storytime

Contact the System office to check out the Poetry Trunk!!  The trunk includes:  magnetic words for the magnetic poetry stand, Poetry Puppets, Samples of Poetry, ideas to help kids make their own poetry books, and much more..trunk

The Schwa Was Here!

9780142405772_p0_v2_s260x420  This is a great teen read for your Summer Book Club.  They say his clothes blend in to the background, no mater where he stands.  They say a lot of things about the Schwa, but one thing’s for sure:  no one ever noticed him.  Except me.  My name is Antsy Bonano, and I was the one who realized the Schwa was “functionally invisible” and used him to make some big bucks.  But I was also the one who caused him more grief than a friend should.  So if you all just shut up and listen, I’ll tell you everything there is to know about the Schwa, from how he got his name, to what really happened with his mom.  I’ll spill everything.  Unless, of course “the Schwa Effect” wipes him out of my brain before I’m done.

This popular book by Neal Shusterman is ready to be checked out for your Teen Summer Book club.  Contact Shelia for this 15 book set at:  nelibrarysystem@gmail.com or 800-578-1014.


Strategic Planning Workshop

There will be a strategic planning workshop at the Norfolk Public library on June 19 from 6-8pm. If you are new to planning, this will be a chance for you to have some assistance in starting the process and have any questions you my have answered with Richard Miller and Sarah.

If you are attending, please bring any related materials that you may have, such as community demographic information, current policies, or the worksheets that can be found here at the bottom of the page.

Board members are welcome and encouraged to attended. A light diner of pizza will be provided.

Anyone who attends will receive 2 CE credits.

Register here for the workshop.


The Elegance of the Hedgehog Book Set

hedge  The Elegance of the Hedgehog book set is available from the System Office, we have eight copies ready for your book club check out.

Renee is the concierge of a grand Parisian apartment building, home to members of the great and good.  Over the years she has maintained her carefully constructed persona as someone reliable but totally uncultivated, in keeping, she feels, with society’s expectations of what a concierge should be.  But beneath this facade lies the real Renee: Passionate about culture and the arts, and more knowledgeable in many ways than her employers with their outwardly successful but emotionally void lives.  Down in her lodge, apart from weekly visits b her one friend Mauela, Renee lives resigned to her lonely lot with only her cat for company.  Meanwhile, several floors up, twelve-year old Paloma Josse is determined to avoid the pampered and vacuous future laid out for her, and decides to end her life on her thirteenth birthday.  But unknown to them both, the sudden death of one of their privileged neighbors will dramatically alter their lives forever.  By turn moving and hilarious,  this unusual novel became the top-selling book in France in 2007, with sales of over 900,000 copies to date.

Contact Shelia at 1-800-578-1014 or nelibrarysystem@gmail.com to check out this book set.

New Teen Book Set

The System Office has the new teen book set “Leviathan” by Scott Westerfeld.  This is also this years One Book Teen one Nebraska book.  The office has eight copies of this book.  This book is for grade 7 and up.

books-leviathan  This is World War I as never seen before.  The story begins the same:  on June 28, 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and he wife are assassinated, triggering a sequence of alliances that plunges the world into war.  This global conflict is between the Clankers, who put their faith in machines, and the Darwinists, whose technology is based on the development of new species.  After the assassination of his parents, Prince Alekasandar’s people turn on him.  Accompanied buy a small group of loyal servants, the young Clanker fees Austria in a Cyklop Stormwalker, a war machine that walks on tow legs.  Meanwhile, as Deryn Sharp trains to be an airman with the British Air Service, she prays that no one will discover that she is a girl.  She serves on the Leviathan, a massive biological airship that resembles and enormous flying whale and functions as a self contained ecosystem.  It crashes in Switzerland, and the two teens cross paths, and suddenly the line between enemy and ally is no longer clearly defined.  Full of nonstop action.

Contact Shelia at nelibrarysystem@gmail.com or 1-800-578-1014 to check this set out.