The Nelson Public Library has a Foundation set up within the Nuckolls County Foundation, they use money from the Foundation to help with items that they city budget doesn’t or can not provide for. All donations are tax deductible.

Would you like to make a contribution?

A contribution can be made by a gift of money or materials. Material contributions must follow the guidelines of the acquisitions policy. Other ways to support the library is by a monetary donation or to remember the Nelson Library in your estate planning or will. Contact the library for more information. Plaques can be put in the front of books, other media, or materials with your name or the name of someone else as a “memorial” or in “honor of”.

To make a donations to the foundation for the library, you can mail to:
Attention (Nuckolls County Foundation/Nelson Library)
c/o Nelson Public Library
PO Box 322
Nelson, NE 68961
You may also e-mail the library ( or call (402) 225-7111.

We thank everyone who has given to the library in the past and present. Check out our donation page.

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