Jun 23

Dogs and kitties visit the library

On Friday, June 17th, we were joined by Kelli Steuhmer of the Dodge County Humane Society and Deputy Jordan Bradley along with his canine partner Dep. Brody.  Kelli shared how to exercise your pet and let us pet the cutest dog, Snickers, and pet the two kitties she brought.  We made treats for the dogs at the DCHS, too.  Fun, fun, fun

Deputy Bradley answered all of our questions and showed us how Deputy Brody can track and find things.  He will be in North Bend this weekend for Old Settler’s Days.  Make sure to say Hello to them!

Here are a few photos from our fun day @ your library.


IMG_2808 IMG_2809 IMG_2811 IMG_2813 IMG_2815 IMG_2816 IMG_2819 IMG_2821 IMG_2822 IMG_2824


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Jun 23

Safety Lessons can be fun

Karmen Dickes with the Three Rivers Health Clinic stopped by to share a safety lesson on the proper way to apply a band aid to any cuts or scrapes we get while out exercising.  Here are a few photos of our fun day!

IMG_2801 IMG_2797 IMG_2792 IMG_2791 IMG_2789

IMG_2796 IMG_2795

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Jun 13

Holocaust Survivor – Milton Kleinberg Wednesday, June 29th

BOD_3d-Mock[1] milt-profile[1]

Holocaust survivor Milton Kleinberg will give his personal presentation at the North Bend Public Library on Wednesday, June 29th, at 630pm.  Mr. Kleinberg is a successful Chairman and CEO of Senior Market Sales, Inc., an Omaha-based insurance marketing company that provides insurance solutions for an aging America.  His website also states that Kleinberg has begun speaking about his Holocaust experience at schools and synagogues and for the Institute for Holocaust Education. He is dedicated to carrying on the memory of the Holocaust so that future generations can better understand what happened so that it never happens again.


He has written a book about his experience which gives his personal account of surviving the holocaust in his book titled Bread or Death – Memories of My Childhood…which we have ready for check out at the library.

This is a free event where donations for the speaking event for Mr. Kleinberg will be accepted.

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Jun 09

Local artist displays watercolor

Lois Oliver, a talented local artist, has a watercolor painting on display at the library. Lois took part in an art showing at NeighborWorks in Lincoln on Thursday, June 9th.

Stop in and see her painting.

IMG_2752 IMG_2750

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Jun 09

Summer Reading Event Friday, June 10th

Join us for the Summer Reading Event Friday, June 10th.  The theme for the day is Safety First ! and it will be presented by the Karmen Dickes of the  Three Rivers Health Clinic in Fremont.

The morning program is at 10:30 a.m. for our younger readers ages 0-7years of age.  The afternoon program is at 2pm for our readers ages 8 and older.

Keep on Reading and don’t forget to bring in your reading logs for prizes.

Here are a pictures from last week’s event.

IMG_2769 IMG_2759 IMG_2755 IMG_2753


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Jun 09

June quilt on display

Stop in and see another beautiful quilt.  This quilt will be on display through June.




IMG_2774 IMG_2773 IMG_2772 IMG_2771 IMG_2775

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Jun 03

First SRP Medal Winner – Paige Dunker

IMG_2748The first medal winner of the Summer Reading Program is Paige Dunker.  A reading medal is awarded after 18 hours of reading have been completed.  Way to Go Paige!!!


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May 27

The Summer Reading Program is here!

It’s that time again….for the annual Summer Reading Program presented by the North Bend Public Library!

here is a list of our activities…please note the change in date for the Firetruck visit.  We will try to post other changes if they arise.

Also, our kindergartners and first graders stopped by the library recently to learn about our plans for a fun , fun summer!




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Apr 02

Humanities Nebraska Speaker Jeff Kappeler

Jeff Kappeler, Executive Director of the May Museum and talented Humanities Nebraska Speaker shares a bit of history at our library event.  He shared items that immigrants from Northern Europe brought with them to Nebraska when they began a new chapter in their life.  Very Interesting.  The May Museum will have a larger display with these and many other items in the fall.  Jeff’s program really made me interested in searching my own family history.

Robert and Anne Soukup have family items which were brought over from the old country on display in our display case.

Come in and learn .



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Mar 31

Little Free Library open in Morse Bluff

The Little Free Library is stationed on the South side of the MB Post Office.

Children’s books, general fiction, a few non fiction books, magazines, book marks, and a couple of movies are included in the library.  The library holds 47 books!  Double what I thought it would hold, so it’s all good.  The theory behind it is to bring a book, take a book….but if you don’t have a book to bring this time, remember next time.  Let us know what you think of the selection because we have different books to add to the little library all the time.

Cedar Bluffs will have their little library opening soon….at this time, they are planning on putting it up on the South side of their Post Office, too.  Will let you know more details when the project is complete.

Enjoy your Little Free Library – IMG_2712

From your stewards….. the North Bend Public Library

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