Jan 29

Pot Holder Class Sunday, 15Feb

Join us to make creative pot holders

Sunday, February 15

1pm to 3pm

Library Community Room

Pre-registration requested so we have enough supplies on hand

$5.00 per person just to cover supplies

Supplies participants need to bring:  cotton fabric to your choosing, sewing machine

We will provide: cotton batting, scissors, thread, fabric markers, pins

Call the library or Pam Dolezal to register for the class and / or ask questions at 402-720-3115

The pot holders are so handy because the pot holder fits around the bowl and the bowl sort of sits inside the pot holder.  When microwaving something and the bowl gets hot, this handy pot holder decreases the chance of getting burned when taking the item out of the microwave.  Mix and match fabric, be creative,

class limited to 15 participants10403136_1088644551161146_4696780366782048563_n

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Jan 24

First Annual Free Community Seed Exchange


Our First Annual Free Seed Exchange

Saturday, February 14, 2015

12pm to 2pm

Library Community Room

Brings a few seeds or a sackful of seeds to share or give away — Free

Any seed variety welcome:  vegetables, fruits, herbs, flowers, trees

The library does not have seeds on hand, so in order to have seeds to share we need community members to bring a few seeds to share.  Please have them in a bag that is marked with the type of seed listed.

Please bring pest-free, non-invasive seeds to share

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Jan 24

Toddler Story Time Friday, 6Feb @ 11:15

Children 5 years of age and younger are invited to come and enjoy a story or two, a craft and being at the awesome library!

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Jan 24

Toddler Story Time Friday, 30Jan

The library will host Toddler Story Time on Friday 30Jan @ 11:15am

Children 5 years of age and younger, accompanied by a responsible adult are welcome to come and enjoy meeting new friends.

Hosted by Katy Reznicek, Youth Service Aide, Sump Memorial Library, Papillion


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Jan 16

Story Time on Friday, January 16 @ 11:15am/ shake the wiggles out

Story time is Friday, January 16th @ 11:15 a.m.

Katy Reznicek will present a fun, get up and wiggle story time!  She is a Youth Service Aide at the Sump Memorial Library in Papillion. She uses fun, child orient songs to wiggle and move and shake off the winter blues.  We will also listen to a book or two and do a craft!

Fun, fun, fun

See you there

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Jan 06

December Storytime fun

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Storytime’s in December were filled with decorating tree’s and creating a one of a kind Santa face!  And getting a bit of one on one time with the jolly old man himself. Santa and Mrs. Santa stopped by to read books to the children!  Loads of fun and new friends.

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Jan 06

December tree display …and the winner is….


10850324_1051947638164171_7243805833636168251_n[1] 10857926_1051947294830872_6727515839131797490_n[1] 10372125_1051947314830870_7787423301234991855_n[1] 10806364_1051947558164179_6298710506607624726_n[1] 10868159_1051947381497530_6606112993512584810_n[1] 10402988_1051946931497575_1548341835373367012_n[1] 10849818_1051947601497508_2408296558343582847_n[1]


The Christmas tree display at the library was very festive again this year.  The Friends of the Library group asked individuals to decorate a tree with one central theme.  The trees were so pretty and colorful.  We would like to thank the following people for bring a tree and helping out the library.  Patrons voted …and the Winner is The Santa Tree by Amanda Vyhlidal.  She wins a certificate and our appreciation.

Other displayed trees were….

Ukrainain Dyed Eggs by Doris Mehaffey

Dr. Seuss by the librarians

Scooby-Do Tree by Sam Wesely

Norwegian Tree by Diane and Bernard Larson

Little Lamb Tree by Dan and Connie Watts

Old Fashioned Christmas by Dick and Amber Wesely

White Christmas by North Bend Area Senior Center

WFLA by WFLA Lodge 9 – Morse Bluff




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Jan 06

Snowman @ the library


We created this Snowman from some of our donated books.  He is a little over 5 feet tall.

And the tree is created by folding pages of a book.  Fun, fun

Come in and see the crafty talents of the librarians



Snowman @ the Library

Snowman @ the Library

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Nov 24

Rosette Program Photos 16Nov2014

The library hosted a Rosette making program at St. Charles Parish Center on Sunday, November 16th.  We learned new techniques, made yummy treats and met new friends.  story time 7nov14 and stuff 022 story time 7nov14 and stuff 024 story time 7nov14 and stuff 020

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