Mar 18

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Meet our newest substitute librarian

You may have met our newest librarian recently ~ Gladys Starkey ~

Here is a bit of information about her….  this is Gladys with her youngest daughter, Olivia


When the North Bend Public Library had an opening for a substitute-librarian position, I applied. I was so happy to get the job because going to the library is part of our week where our daughters, Marie and Olivia, enjoy the children’s books and movies they can borrow. They also like playing kids’ games on the computer and other activities they have for kids like Story Time and Lego Club that happen twice a month.

I’m originally came from the Philippines and came over to America in 2009 with spousal visa. I have been married to Tim Starkey for almost nine years. I became a U.S. citizen last September of 2015. I also work as an Area Representative for foreign exchange students.

If I’m not busy, I spend my time cooking, write on my blog, go for a walk, and read books (mostly non-fiction). I’m planning to publish my immigration memoir in a few months.

I enjoy working here because of the nature of the job including meeting a lot of people in the community of all different ages, from toddlers to retirees. It’s just simply interesting.

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