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Friends of the Library

Who are the Friends? 

The Friends are a group of individuals who believe the library offers a great wealth of information and activities.
They may be the book lover, avid reader, researcher, learner
advocate or activities supporter.


What is their purpose?

Their purpose is to promote and support all aspects of the library and to provide financial support where needed.


Who determines what the Friends do?

The group meets now and then to talk about special projects or interests and then makes a plan for sucess


What type of projects do the Friends support?

Host an annual Christmas Tree Display
Provide ongoing sale of used books
Hold annual book sale
Purchase books (large print),& audio books
Host fund raisers
Provided financial support in the construction costs of the existing library.


How Can I start the Friends group at the library?

Contact the Library.

At this time the library does not have an organized Friends Group.  Anyone wanting information on how to start it back up or start the group fresh please contact the library director.


Revised 09/27/2019

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