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  1. Carol Hall

    Hello! i am writing from Worth Public Library in Worth, IL. I was browsing through the Demco catalog for a charging tower and found the i-Teach Mobile Charging Tower. It had a review from North Bend Public Library, and I wondered if someone from your library might have provided the review?

    Our library was not built to accommodate patrons who want to charge their laptops, phones, etc. The charging tower looked interesting, and we have a few questions about it.
    1. Does charging it overnight provide enough power for a full day?
    2. Can the battery be replaced?
    3. Do your patrons like to use it?
    4. Would you buy it again?
    5. Do you have any other comments or suggestions?

    If I have contacted the wrong North Bend Library, I do apologize.

    Carol Hall, Administrative Librarian
    Worth PLD

  2. Amy

    Hi Carol,
    I did leave that review. We are a very small library in a very small town in Nebraska. It works great for us. Our patrons use it daily. We have a meeting room at our library and they use it a lot, too. Love the long cord, it can reach so many places.
    1. you do not charge this tower. It plugs in to a wall and the people plug their devices into it.
    2. Also, I think it is called a mobile power tower because it moves, power not supplies by a battery, but the tower is plugged into a wall.
    3. our patrons love it
    4. I would definitely buy it again. Thinking about buying another one

    We are a town that recently flooded in Nebraska. We are hosting DHHS and FEMA meetings so lots of people with a lot of devices to plug in and this little thing works great. When you feel it, it doesn’t feel very durable, but it really is.
    I was at a brand new multi million dollar library close to us and they had a different tower to plug things into…but it was $1,400. and it didn’t have as many plugs or usb ports. I really like this one.

    thanks for asking,
    Amy Reznicek
    North Bend Public Library

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