Telescope Viewing of the Eclipse in The Library Parking Lot

The library has asked Les Green to bring his large telescope, fitted with filters to safely view the eclipse, to the library parking lot on Monday, August 21st, beginning at 11:30 AM.  Les is head of the city’s IT department.  We have received 1000 pairs of certified safe solar eclipse glasses to distribute and hope to receive more by that day.  They are in the mail on their way!  The library will give out a limited number of glasses, beginning Monday the 14th.  You must come into the library to request glasses.

So, take a long lunch hour, and see the eclipse here! We will be viewing the eclipse in the new parking lot directly in front of the North Platte Public Library.  Eclipse sunglasses will be handed out, PLUS you will be able to look through a telescope with a special solar filter to see the totality.

The partial phase will begin at 11:30 and at 12:54PM, totality will start. The totality only lasts 1 minute and 40 seconds!

Go to the NASA eclipse website for tons of information on this year’s amazing event.



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