June 21 Noon program on Water in Nebraska

The North Platte Public Library has added a new program to its free noon program series in June.  “Water in Nebraska” will be presented by Doug Hallum, survey hydrologist, at 12:00 PM on Thursday, June 21st.   The talk is being sponsored by Common Ground.

Hallum will provide an overview of Nebraska’s water supply, its sinks and fluxes, and long term changes that have been observed or hypothesized.  The talk will touch on the nature of the High Plains aquifer, and other aquifers in our state. The talk will conclude with an opportunity for attendees to ask specific questions relating to water in Nebraska.   To plan seating, the library asks people to make reservations by calling 535-8036, Ext. 3301, but does welcome last minute attendees.  People are welcome to bring in their own brown bag lunch.

Doug Hallum serves west-central Nebraska as a professional geologist specializing in hydrogeology for the Conservation and Survey Division of the School of Natural Resources at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. He has experience in oil and gas exploration, business, numerical flow modeling, and integrated water management planning. Hallum serves on the Nebraska Board of Geologists, the Nebraska GIS Council, and has served as Secretary of the Nebraska Geological Society. He continues to develop local expertise to serve Nebraska from the West Central Research and Extension Center in North Platte by conducting collaborative research that supports conjunctive water management in Nebraska and by developing continuing education programs for professionals and laypeople in Nebraska.

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