Sept. 27 Noon Program on the Ultimate Book Collector

Many people are book collectors but Thursday’s program will introduce you to a man who was a bibliomaniac!  You will not want to miss this story.   We have plenty of seats left.

The North Platte Public Library will bring a very special program to the library at 12:00 PM, Thursday, September 27, titled “The Amazing Library of Thomas Jefferson Fitzpatrick” by Jim McKee.  This program is funded through Humanities Nebraska, the Nebraska Cultural Endowment, and local funding.

Jim McKee tells an amazing story of the ultimate book collector.  Thomas Jefferson Fitzpatrick, longtime resident of Bethany, Nebraska, was a bibliomaniac. This college professor began with a solid collection of rare books inherited from his illustrious namesake. A lifetime of collecting later, he was living entirely in the kitchen of his house while the rest of the property was packed floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall with books. Only after his death in 1952 was the full extent of his obsession uncovered.

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