Free Noon Program: Once Upon an Eclipse by Derryl Barr on July 25th

“Once Upon an Eclipse . . . . How Storytellers in All Ages Have Used Nature’s Greatest Spectacle to Build and Color the Fabric of Their Tales.”

                In the presentation Once upon an Eclipse, former North Platte resident Derryl Barr explores the uses of eclipses by storytellers of all ages — from the vague uncertainties found in ancient chronicles and myths to the detailed spectacle and technical precision exploited by modern cinema.

A total solar eclipse, as many residences of North Platte and surrounding communities have recently had the opportunity to experience firsthand, is nature’s greatest spectacle.   It therefore follows that storytellers of all ages have exploited the natural drama and otherworldliness of totality to help create their plots and develop their themes.  As part of the national library summer reading program, “A Universe of Stories,” Once Upon an Eclipse explores these various purposes, techniques and themes in a lively, highly illustrated, and animated presentation.

Barr, a former teacher at North Platte High School, has spent a lifetime exploring the eclipse phenomenon through a variety of disciplines that have taken him to all seven continents from where he has observed 24 central solar eclipses.

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