Noon Programs Resume with Program on Bees

Bees By Shelly Deardoff

12:00 PM, Thursday, March 7

Shelly Deardoff, our Young Adult Librarian, will present the first noon program this year.  Shelly, in her spare time, is a beekeeper, and has started a small home business, “Sassy Pants Honey”.  She is also our “Maker It Monday” coordinator and the March 18th craft will be Mason Bee Houses.  Shelly describes her program below:

“Bees are BIG NEWS! You have heard bits and pieces, but do you want to dig a bit further into the hive? Here’s your chance! We aren’t really going to let the girls (bees) out, but as an eye witness, have I got stories for you!

Which of the many kinds of bees might you see in your back yard? What do you plant, to feed and attract pollinators? Now that they’re in your yard, what happens if they land on you? What does the inside of a hive look like? These are a few of the questions we will look at plus so much more. Bring your questions and if I don’t know the answer I will search the answer and get it to you.

We at Sassy Pants Honey, are dedicated to caring for the environment, sharing our passion and bringing products that we can be proud of to our community.”

Please help us plan room set-up by calling in your seat reservation to the library at 535-8036, Ext. 3310.


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