Plainview Public Library

209 N Pine St., Plainview, NE


Written By: Donna Christiansen

            In the case of a tornado watch, the weather conditions are favorable for a tornado.  A radio/TV may be on to keep informed of the changing weather conditions.  In the case of a tornado warning, a tornado has been sighted in the area, patrons and Library Staff will be advised to take cover.  The tornado siren is usually sounded and the local radio stations will announce to take cover.  Please proceed to the basement level and crouch down in the basement entry way against the east wall.  Once the all clear signal has been sounded patrons may be told by staff and all may return to their normal routines.

            In the case of a fire in the library the exits are in the front of the library, facing the East, and down the stairs on the South side of the library prior to going in the basement.  When in the basement go up to the stairs to the South and out the South door.   The fire extinguishers are checked by the state fire marshal as well as the company that provides them for the library.

            If an accident or sudden illness of patron or staff occurs, the staff will call 911 for help and offer assistance to the person that is hurt or ill, if needed.  Library staff members should exercise caution when administering first aid of even a minor nature.  A complete report of the situation will be given to the City Administrator and/or police of the events leading up to the accident.  No medication, including aspirin or Tylenol, will be dispensed to the public.

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