Date and Time Change

The Literary Reading Group has decided to change their meeting date and time to October 25 at 9:30 am.  The dark and cold evenings are rapidly coming upon us.  The group voiced their opinion that they do not wish to venture out after five during the winter months.   Till spring, we will met on Saturday mornings.  We welcome all.

The Pre-School Reading group will not met October 29.  It will be FALL BREAK (!) for the little readers!  The Halloween party has been set for October 22 at 10:00 am.  The children are encouraged to wear their costume for the fun activities, tricks, and treats.

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Face Book by popular demand!

The Polk Library will be set up with a Face Book account.  It was strongly suggested by numerous patrons to have one!  Finally, I was waiting for a response from the community to what they thought would be the easiest send out library information.

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Fall Pre School Reading and other Activities

Pre School Reading

Pre school reading begins September 10 at 10:00 am.   The theme will be “Bunny Funny”.  Join the fun with crafts, song, and stories.   If you have any questions call 402-765-7266.

1000 Books

Join the reading challenge.  Log all the books you read, even if they’ve been read twice.  There will be a prize for every 100 books.  Once you reach 1000 there will be a grand prize, then start over.  There is no age limit.  Even infants enjoy hearing your voice while you read simple stories.  These books can be logged for them and for you.  If a small child wants the same book read each night, it can be counted each time!  Stop at the library to pick up your log book.


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The Raft by S.A. Bodeen

I’m not much into teen books.  Wasn’t expecting a quick read.  This book was one that couldn’t be put done until the end!  Excellent story!

I had attended the 20th Literature Festival in Norfolk July 26.  S.B. Bodeen was one of the guest authors.  She was personable, down to earth, willing to share her story.

The Raft is about a teen girl who was unlucky to be on a plane that goes down in the Pacific.  No one knows she was on that plane, so when it goes down, her family doesn’t know to look for her out in the ocean.  The story is about survival and how resourceful humans are to save one self.

You will learn about Pacific islands and the life that inhabits them plus marine habitat.

Book Reviews

New Books at the Polk Library for August

August New Book List 2014

Adult Non-Fiction

Ryktarsyk            Called To Serve

Deleonardis        T-Shirt Quilts

Mooney               Storm World

Bode                     First You Have To Row A Little Boat

Sha                         Soul Healing Miracles

Murray                 Eyewitness Vietnam War

Baker                    Vinegar, Garlic, Baking Soda, & 101 More Problem Solvers

Wickenden         Nothing Daunted

Ambrose             Peagasus Bridge

Nebraska Books

Griffity                  Outlaw Tales of Nebraska

Pushendorf        Nebraska’s Post Office Murals

Stauffer               Mari Sandoz, Story Catcher of the Plains

Burke                    Miracle in a Hay Field

Thornburg           Bertie and Me and Miles Too

Adult Fiction Large Print

Chamberlin         The Summer Everything Changed

Chiaverini            The Union Quilters

Ellis                         Summer Promise

Lewis                     Forever Friday

Oke                        Dana’s Valley

Roby                      The Perfect Marriage

Snelling                Believing the Dream


Sparks                   Safe Haven

Adult Fiction

Andrews              The Fixer Upper

Meacham            Tumbleweeds

Sachitano            Quilt As Desired

Thoene                Eighth Shepherd

Thoene                Seventh Day

Thoene                Sixth Covenant

Wick                      The Proposal

Wick                      The Visitor


Bell                         Rabbit & Robot

Benton                 Attack of the 50ft Cupid

Castle                    Cloneward Bound

Castle                    Game of Clones #3

Castle                    Popular Clone

Davis                     The Secret Science Alliance and the Copy Cat Crook

Gall                        Awesome Dawson

Green                   The Fault in Our Stars

Hartland               Night Shift

Holm                     Brave New Pond: Squish

Holm                     The Power of the Parasite: Squish

MacLachlan        Fly Away

McElligott            Benjamin Franklinstein Lives!

Osborne              Monday with a Mad Genius #38

New Books

A Few photos of the Book Tasting Party in June

IMG_3915-6IMG_3911-3IMG_3914  The theme was “Books That Became Movies: Have You Read Any of Them?”

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Summer Reading

Every Wednesday in the month of July, the Polk Library will have Summer Reading at 10:00 am.  Lots of fun with FIZZy activities that will  BOOM while READing.  Preschool to kids who just finished 5th grade are invited.   Be prepared to experiment and find out why different ingredients create a FIZZ or a BOOM.  Enter the reading challenge by reading the most books in the month of July.  Any questions call 402-765-7266.

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June is Audio Book Month

We have many selections to be checked out.

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E-Reader Challenge

The Polk Library would like to challenge all our patrons with E-Readers to increase their check out number.  We would like to see a 25% increase of usage.  If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate asking.

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Book Review on “The Island”

“The Island” is by Elin Hilderbrand.  This book is a great summer time book to read.  It is about four women, 2 are sisters, their mother and their aunt (the mother’s sister) who spend a month on Tuckernuck Island.  Their family has owned a beach home for generations that is rustic by today’s standards.  Each one is struggling with different life changes, by their own choice or by what life has dealt them.  And there’s family conflict to over come.  Read this book to find out who finds love, who gets a second chance, who takes a drastic step into a relationship, and who finds inner peace out of turmoil.

Book Reviews