New E-Mail Address

**Attention** The Polk Public Library has a new e-mail address.  It is:

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Closed for the Holiday

We will be closed November 27, 2014.  Happy Thanksgiving!

Preschool Reading “Thanksgiving Party” on November 26 at 10:00 am.

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New Books

Juvenile Books


Bodeen                The Raft

Bodeen                Shipwreck Island

Colie                    How Smart Is Your Dog?

Cox                       Elizabeth, Queen of the Seas

Delano                 Sea Monsters

Dewdney             Llama Llama and the Bully Goat

DiCamillo            Flora & Ulysses

Discover the Prehistoric World of Dinosaurs

Feldman              Dedan Saves the Day

Feldman              Katya’s Busy Morning

Feldman              Milla’s Big Day

Feldman              Tembo Takes Charge

Hotchkiss            Grasshoppers

Litwin                  Pete the Cant and His Four Groovy Buttons

Lupica                  Hero

Man-Kong           The Spooky Smells of Halloween

Myron                 Dewey There’s A Cat in the Library

Pett                      The Girl and the Bicycle

New Books

Literary Reading Group

We will not meet in November.  The next gathering has been scheduled for December 13 at 9:30 am.  The theme is “Ethnic Christmas”.  Join us for interesting discussions and refreshments.

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Wassil at the Library

Christmas in Polk will be December 6.  Santa comes to town!  The Library will host refreshments of Wassil and cookies.  All are welcomed between 9:00 – 1:00.

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Christmas Donation

Every year the library has had a donation drive for the community or the county.  In the past we have organized  a paper and/or food drive for Blue Valley, Teddy Bears for each community’s  1st Responder  Teams, and children’s books for families.  This year we are asking for donations of socks for children and adults.  They will be given to the Living Waters Mission located in York.  They provide a safe and warm place to sleep for anyone in need.

We will be collecting the socks through November and December.  They can be dropped off at the library any time we are open OR put in the book “drop-off” slot in the door.


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Library Board Meeting

The next board meeting will be on November 25 at 7:00 pm.  We will be decorating the library for Christmas.   We will not have a meeting in December.   All are welcomed.

Library Board Meeting

Library By-Laws

By-Laws of the Polk Public Library Board

Article I:               Name:

This organization shall be called “The Polk Public Library Board”.

Article II:              Members of the Board

Section 1:            The board shall consist of five (5) members, appointed by the Polk village board and approved by the library board, from a cross-section of people residing within and surrounding the community, who are willing to attend meetings, keep informed on library trends and developments, and willing to help in events and activities.

Section 2:            Board member terms shall be five (5) years each.  Members may serve no more than two (2) consecutive terms.

Section3:             The members’ terms of office shall be staggered to provide for continuity in policy and orderly transition of membership.

Section 4:            In the event of vacancies due to resignation, removal or otherwise,  the Mayor and village board of Polk shall fill such vacancy for the unexpired term at the recommendation of the library board and the librarian.  This takes place if the vacating member does not find a replacement.

Section 5:            Effective functioning of the board requires attendance at meetings.  Board members are expected to attend at least eight (8) of the twelve (12) monthly meetings.  If these requirements are not meet, members may be considered for replacement.

Section 6:            Library funds shall be used for payment of registration and mileage for board members to attend meetings and workshops.

Section 7:            The Polk Public Library Board shall determine and adopt written policies to govern the operation and program of the library.  They will also establish library policies concerning book and material selection.

Section 8:            The board will conduct an annual staff evaluation.

Section 9:            The board shall make annual reports to the Polk Village Board and the county commissioners.






Article III:             Officers and Their Duties

Section 1:              Officers of the Polk Public Library shall consist of a President and a                        Secretary.

Section 2:              It shall be the duty of the President to preside at all meetings of the board and to appoint board members to standing committees.

Section3:               The secretary will record the minutes of the meetings and attend to correspondence.

Section 4:              Should the president be absent from any meeting of the board, a President pro tempore shall be selected.

Section 5:              In the absence of the secretary pro tempore by the presiding officer or another member present.

Article IV:                            Terms and Elections

The Polk Public Library Board shall elect from its own membership, a president and a secretary at the January meeting.

Article V:               Meetings

Section 1:              The Polk Public Library Board will meet to conduct business on the First Monday of the month at a time determined by popular vote.

Section 2:              Special meetings may be called by the president and the Librarian who will notify all members and publicize such meetings.

Section 3:              Three (3) members of the Polk Public Library Board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Section 4:              Proceedings of all meetings shall be governed by “Robert’s Rules of Order”.

Section 5:              Proceedings of all meetings shall have available the booklet “Open Meeting.

Article VI:                            Committees

Committees will be appointed for main events and activities.







Article VII:                           Librarian and/or Staff

Section1:              The Polk Public Library board shall employ a competent and qualified Librarian and/or additional staff, establishing salaries and tenure according to the position being filled set by the Village board.  Written job descriptions will be established by the board.

Section 2:             The Librarian shall be in charge of the administration of the library.  The Librarian shall notify all board members of meetings and attend all meetings.

Section 3:             The Librarian shall present the statistical report of the previous month at each regular Board meetings.

Section 4:             A Financial report,  of the previous month’s transactions shall be made to the board each month.   An annual budget shall be presented at the June meeting, and approved in July before submitting to the village board in August.

Section 5:             The Librarian will report at each regular meeting on previous month’s activities and propose dates on upcoming events.

Article VIII:                          By-Laws

These by-laws may be amended by a majority vote after two (2) readings at regular board meetings.



Polk Public Library By-Laws

Date and Time Change

The Literary Reading Group has decided to change their meeting date and time to October 25 at 9:30 am.  The dark and cold evenings are rapidly coming upon us.  The group voiced their opinion that they do not wish to venture out after five during the winter months.   Till spring, we will met on Saturday mornings.  We welcome all.

The Pre-School Reading group will not met October 29.  It will be FALL BREAK (!) for the little readers!  The Halloween party has been set for October 22 at 10:00 am.  The children are encouraged to wear their costume for the fun activities, tricks, and treats.

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Face Book by popular demand!

The Polk Library will be set up with a Face Book account.  It was strongly suggested by numerous patrons to have one!  Finally, I was waiting for a response from the community to what they thought would be the easiest send out library information.

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