Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

I chose to read this book for book club.  The theme was “A Book That Became A Movie”.  I wanted to be different is why this book was chosen!

The story centers on two men traveling on foot in search of a promised job.  The smaller man, George, is smart, understands life, and is stuck with a promise to watch and care for the other man.  Lenny has problems, violent problems that cause the pair to keep on the move.

If you don’t remember the ending to this high school required (Yes, I read it in high school!) book, check it out.  Only have to read the last chapter to understand what the story is about.  I didn’t like it then and do not like it now. Cannot image the movie being any better!


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The Andalucian Friend

The Andalucian Friend by Alexander Soderberg

Originally published in Sweden where this story takes place.  This story involves four international criminal gangs from Sweden, Russia, Germany, and Spain.  The main character, Sophie, is the only innocent person.  Through a mutual attraction between her patient, Hector Guzman, and herself, she gets pulled into a deadly turf war.

Must read to find out who lives or dies.  Find out how the twisted connections created good against evil.  A must read to find out what happens between Sophie and Hector.


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Library Board Meeting

Library Board Meeting April 6 at 7:00 pm.  all are welcome.

Library Board Meeting

The Promise of Stardust By Priscille Sibley

Do you have a “Living Will”.  Have you shared a desire to continue existing even if brain dead?  If not maybe you should have the open discussion with family members.  And keep an updated version current.  Feelings about life and death change with age.

Life is unpredictable.   Elle Beaulieu had a lot to live for, a loving husband and a growing fetus.  She wanted a baby so bad that she was willing to try again and again.  But– a fall from a ladder resulted in brain trauma stopped her from living on.  She was never to wake up again.

“The Promise of Stardust” is about a husband who fights to keep his wife existing so that the baby had a chance to survive.  From an old boyfriend with an old “living will”, to the mother-in-law understanding Elle opinion through conversations that she didn’t like the idea of being kept alive, the husband was against some strong opposition.

Are you ready to go to court over an ideal?  Are you ready to have the media harass you?

Read “The Promise of Stardust” to find out if you are ready to handle such a controversial experience.  Read to find out the outcome of the court trail.  If anything, the story will open you to thinking about what you want to be done in case it happens to you.

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Graduation Card Making Party

Do you spend more than you want on graduation cards each year?  The Polk Library can help you fray the cost.  Attend our card making party April 16 at 6:30 pm.  The only cost will be $5.00 for materials.  We will get you started on different techniques and ideas, make a few, and then you can take off making more.   It is an inexpensive way to control costs on all those cards you send out!

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Genealogy II

March 26 at 6:30 pm will be Genealogy II.  Let us help in your research.

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Literary Reading Group

Literary Reading Group will meet March 28 at 9:30 am.  The theme is “Women in History”.

Join us for laughs and snacks!  We rarely get serious yet we are passionate about what we read!

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National Library Week: Come In For A Visit

Come In For A Visit!


National Library Week will be April 12-18.  To celebrate, the library will have a drawing for  coupons to purchase a free book.

There will be 3 categories: 1. Youth; 2. Teen; 3. Adult.


1. With each visit to the library, you may enter your name.  You are free to enter each day that the library is open but only once per day.

2. The coupon will have a dollar amount but if you wish to purchase a book over the coupon, then you will pay the difference.  If the book you wish to purchase is less than the coupon, we will pay the difference.

3. The drawing will run between April 11 through April 25.

4. One name will be drawn from each group.

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Literary Reading Group

The Reading group will meet February 28 at 9:30 am.  Becky Carlstrom will lead the discussion.   The theme is “Nebraska Author”.

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March Board Meeting

Library Board meeting at 7:00 pm in the library.  All are welcomed!  We love guests!

Library Board Meeting