New Books for July

Adult Fiction

Allen          Lost Lake

Andrews    Beach Town

Cannon      The Trouble With Goats and Sheep

Gulley        A Lesson In Hope

Hadley      The Past

Haines      Bone To Be Wild

Haines      Rock-A-Bye Bones

Hannah    Fly Away

Landis      Lover’s Lane – LP

Laurens    Loving Rose – LP

Lillard      Marrying Jonah – LP


A Girl’s Guide To Moving One

Last One Home

Love Letters – LP

Mr. Miracle – LP

Starting Now

A Turn In The Road

Mugavero  Custom Baked Murder

Palmer     Oath of Office

Roberts    Heaven and Earth

Stevenson  Celia’s House – LP

Thomas     A Place Called Harmony

Strout        Anything Is Possible

Towles      A Gentleman In Moscow

Williams  The Storms of War




New Books

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