New Juvenile Books

New Juvenile Books

Farrey      The Vengekeep Prophecies

Vernon     Giant Trouble:  Hamster Princess

Wissinger     Gone Camping

Soman     Three Bears in a Boat

Scanlon     Happy Birthday, Bunny!

Ryan     The Map To Everywhere

Roth      Four

O’Connor       Star of Stage and Screen

Peirce     What’s A Little Noogie Between Friends?

Moore     Lucky Ducklings

McCully     3,2,1, Go!

Kulling     Mary Anning’s Curiosity

Haskell     The Castle Behind Thorns

French     The Bag of Bones

Federle     Five, Six, Seven, Nite!

Kasza     My Lucky Birthday

Birney     Inagination According To Humphrey

Almond     Harry Miller’s Run

New Books

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