New Books and DVDs

New Books:

Adult Non-Fiction

Crawford          The War of the Three Gods

Brown                Braving the Wilderness

Hill                     Pioneer Girl

Adult Fiction

Beaton               Death of a Honest Man

Clayton              The Race For Paris

Diamant             The Boston Girl

Hilderbrand       The Rumor

Hoyt                     Dearest Rogue

Jiles                     Stormy Weather

Kellerman         The Theory of Death

Kelly                   Lilac Girls

Kuhn                  The Summer of Our Discontent

Lillard                The Quilting Circle

Miller                 The Captivating Lady Charlotte

Miller                 The Dishonorable Miss Delancey

Miller                 Caroline

Rodgers             Johnny Come Lately

Rodgers             Seven Wings To Glory

Rosenfelt           Who Let The Dog Out?

Silva                    The Black Widow

Smith                  Sorrel Moon

Taylor                 An Irish Country Love Story

Trollope             Other Peoples Children

Welborn             The Promise Bride

West                    Slater’s Way

Wiggs                 The Maiden of Ireland

Wilson               The Dog Who Saved Me

Wingate            Before We Were Yours

Young Adult Fiction

Forrest             Gender War Book #4

Arden              The Bear and the Nightingale and the Girl of the Tower

Lu                     The Young Elites

Juvenile Fiction

Kinney             The Ugly Truth, The Last Straw, The Getaway

Dean                Sir Pete The Brave

Underwood    Here Comes The Tooth Fairy Cat

Weeks             Mac and Cheese and the Perfect Plan

New DVDs

Spider-Man Volumes 1-6

Mowgli and Baloo: The Second Jungle Book

Winter Rescue: Paw Patrol

Jumanji and RV

The Last Song

Daddy’s Home 2

Mamma Mia!




New Books

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