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  1. Dear Librarian and Library Book Club:

    I’m a Nebraska native (Kearney), and I am writing to announce my new Nebraska-themed novel. The novel is called A Cottonwood Stand and was published in June by Sunstone Press of Santa Fe, New Mexico (http://sunstonepress.com/cgi-bin/bookview.cgi?_recordnum=1053 ).
    The story is set in Nebraska, both ancient and modern. It takes a satirical, but loving, look at our home state. Native American history is central to the theme, as well as the modern-day changes that threaten the environment and the essence of our small towns. Although I’ve lived and worked in California for forty years, a big part of me has always missed my old Nebraska stomping ground.
    Fortunately, I will be in Nebraska this week for the book events at the State Fair and the Nebraska Book Festival. I will be with the other authors from the Nebraska Writers Guild. I simply want to see my book read by folks who care about the Great Plains, its environment, its history, and its native people. Perhaps I will see you there.
    Thank you so much for all you do on behalf of Nebraska’s libraries and its literary heritage.


    Chuck Redman

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