Book Discussion

Friends of the Library will meet on Thursday, February 6th at 7 PM to discussĀ  Craig Johnson’s A Cold Dish.

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  1. Heather Craig-Oldsen says:

    “Orphan Train,” a novel by Christina Baker Kline, is the perfect book for anyone who is interested in inter-generational relationships today. I loved it because Kline skillfully tells two parallel stories. One is the story of a tough-on-the-outside 17-year-old girl who has lived with foster families much of her life. The parallel story is of the elder woman with whom she builds a relationship and through whom we learn about the Orphan Train experience.

    Those of us in the Midwest have likely heard about the thousands of children who were brought by train from the streets of New York to farming communities, beginning in the mid-1800s and ending in the early 1900s. This book puts a real face on those children of the Orphan Train.

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