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You can use Jetpack’s Publicize feature to automatically send your blog content to other sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Here’s how to set it up.

(There is an important note about something I did not address in the video in the comments below. Please be sure to read it after watching the video.)

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  1. monicatidyman

    If you are not logged into your Facebook account when you start this process you will have a couple of screens that ask permission for WordPress to access what looks like your personal account. I had a moment of uneasiness with set-up as I didn’t want to publish to my personal Facebook account, but I just had to continue on through the screens before I reached the screen that allowed me to choose which page I wanted to publish to. Really simple after that. I also recommend clicking the “Learn More” button in Jetpack as some of the features have video instructions.

  2. I’ve noticed that the last two posts I’ve published on the blog have had the same picture of a cute girl in our library as the thumbnail picture on Facebook, which is fine, except if the post is about an eye-catching display, I’d prefer it show a thumbnail of the eye-catching display that was pictured in the post. Could this be due to the update? My post on the 26th of October had a thumbnail of the picture in the post, my two posts after the 28th have not included the correct picture, if one was used. Or, could this be the feature we have enabled that shows a different header each time you change pages? And it just so happens to be that picture twice in row?

    • I’ve started to notice this issue too with my own blog. Here’s what I think is going on: Theoretically if there’s an image in the blog post, that image should be used when it’s cross-posted to Facebook and usually it works just that way. In some cases however it doesn’t and pulls another image from the page; in your case that seems to be the banner from the top of the page. Unfortunately, there’s no obvious options to change to control this so at this point I don’t have a solution. However, I am looking into it and will report back if I find something.

      • Great! Thanks. Today’s post worked fine, when I only included a picture to continue to test it.

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