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New plugin: Find Flickr photos to use in your blog posts

Posted by on Monday, 15 April, 2013

I’ve been using and recommending Compfight for year as a great way to search Flickr for CC-licensed content. Last night while searching for an image for a blog post I noticed that they were highlighting the fact that they now have a WordPress plugin. So, this morning I installed it and gave it a try on my own site. Result: I love it! No, it’s not perfect (you’ll need to tweak your layout after insertion as needed,) but it does allow you to keyword search flickr, see CC-licensed results, and insert various sizes (Small, Medium, Large, Full) all without leaving WordPress.

If you’d like it installed on your site just leave a comment here with your library name and I’ll get it installed as soon as I can.

Compfight WordPress Plugin