Sargent History

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Old Street Scene

Street maintenance crew - 1902

The sign says, "Opportunity Knocks To-day." (on Sargent's main street)

"The people of Sargent, Nebraska awoke on November 1, 1912 to find that tricksters had been busy the night before on Halloween. In the photograph above, seven buggies and wagons have mysteriously found their way to the roof of Ottun & Martin building."

Railroad graders above Sargent, 1889

Custer County Bank at Sargent - 1889

First Train into Sargent - 1899

People gathered in front of the City Hotel - 1888

Group of people in front of the Eureka House of Sargent

James E. McCray, editor of the Sargent newspaper - 1886 (also Sargent Insurance Office)

George Sherman and family at the first post office in Sargent - 1886

Group on porch of Windsor Hotel at Sargent - 1886





  • Great pictures of Sargent in the early days. I was happy to see them as I am looking for a picture of the Freeman Opera House built around 1907. According to the Sargent Centennial book, it was located where Doug and Carl have their grocery store. There is a picture in this book, but it is not very clear. The reason for my interest is because my Grandmother was in a performance in the Opera House way back when. I am lucky to have the show bill from that evening. I want to make a composite of her picture, the show bill and a picture of the Opera House. Incidentally, I have a picture which has a number 65 or 85 on it that shows a street in Sargent. Perhaps a Mr. Livermore took it. Do you know if there is a file anywhere of his photos? FYI. My Grandmother performed with the Comstock Home Talent Group

  • Hey Maxine,
    Are you still looking for a photo of the Opera House?

  • My last name is Sargent. I’m wondering if there’s any relation at all.

    • Our town was named in honor of Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Sargent of Streator, IL.
      They didn’t found the community, but they were close friends of the original settlers.

  • I have an old chest of drawers that is stamped G W wilde. Sargent neb. Wondering if there is much information on this person and when this cabinet was built? Any info is appreciated. Text me at 970 302 8381. Thanks. Richard morris

  • Thank you very much for the info, t I’ve interesting.

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