Historical Pictures

A number of old pictures were brought into the library this afternoon.  You can look at them on Pinterest.

Sargent History

Sargent Businessmen 1907

Sargent Businessmen 1907 Top Group, left to right – J.P. Saville, E.g. Gillispie, W.M. Saunders, Jas Hagerty, Roy Dye, W.J. Root, John Crownover, Henry Pfrehm, Geo. Poland, Louis Pfrehm, J.D. Clifton, C.L. Swanson, Roy Rasch. Center Group, left to right – Fred Cram, C.I. Harris, Dr. J.J. Warta, B.F. Kiker, Dr. D. Hohman, Bert Smith, Loyd Rasch, H. H. Hiatt, G.W. Rasch. Sitting, left to right – Probst, E. Miller, F.W. Spooner, C.E. Freeman, Assistant Cashier Phillips, J.K. Spacht, L. M. Swaynie

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