Oh The Scandal

Times have changed a little in the past hundred years.

In the November 23, 1922 issue of the Sargent Leader, the Comstock school was accused of sponsoring a party and dance after the football game, and the town of Sargent was quite upset about it. It turned out that the Comstock school only sponsored a party that ended at 9:00. The dance afterward was not supported by the school.

“We are of the opinion that had our football team had their mind upon winning the game at Comstock instead of what was to follow, we would not have been beaten 12-0 by a little town of some 400 population.

We appeal to the parents for cooperation to back us in our efforts to discourage such affairs that tend to demoralize our young people and detract them from the higher planes of refinement and good citizenship.”

You can go to the Sargent Leader Archives to read more articles from the past.

Sargent Leader 11/23/1922

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