How Towns Were Established in 1884 Nebraska

In the Loup Valley Eagle newspaper from 1884, it tells about how the town of Walworth, NE was conceived. The newspaper archive copy is very difficult to read, so I tried to decipher and rewrite it. Some of the words are just unreadable.

From Loup Valley Eagle

Oct 18, 1884

Walworth’s Welcome

Mr. & Mrs. Wm. H. Predmore gave a dedication party at the new town three miles west of West Union Post office last Monday night – Sargent being well represented. By __ o’clock, forty acres of people and teams were on the ground, some coming 19 miles. The store building and dwelling house both were crowded – so much so, that standing room was at a premium. The light _______ was tripped in the store building, arranged for the purpose, with ample room for ____.  Were it not for such a large delegation of the fair sex, from two to three deep on either side of the hall, while we have all due regard for the ladies, the room was entirely inadequate for “spread Eagles”. The young folks enjoyed themselves under the musical dictation of Pointers string band. The most noticeable features of the occasion was the  “_______” step from “bust-own”. An 11:40 supper was announced. 12 healthy waiters were detailed to attend the wants and appease the appetites of the hungry multitude. The lunch was splendid, and all present seemed to enjoy themselves largely, especially Leroy Leep.

After supper, the committee on town sites met to take under advisement the name of the new town. ___ They decided on Denmore and Walworth.  Denmore was kind of a drag on the market, but when Walworth was voted upon, it carried unanimously. Three hearty cheers were given for Walworth.

Mrs. Wm. H. Predmore has a $1200.00 stock of goods, consisting of millinery, ladies furnishing goods, ___now on hand. Mr. Thomas W Dean has ordered a $1200.00 stock of groceries, has the lumber on the ground for his store building. Mr. Owens a harness maker is now there, will work in the rear of the store building, until they get his shop up. Mr. Rigby will soon start a boot & shoe shop up there. Mr. Wm. Halls of Sedalia, MO will invest up there. Several more branches of business have been promised. $430.00 has been raised to build a hall for all purposes. Mr. Predmore has sent in a petition for a post office with 75 signers. Mr. Predmore owns the land on the north side of the road, and Mr. Dean on the south side.

In speaking of those who patronized the dedication, we wish to say that when the most of West Union “went up”, we did “go for” the union, now we are going for Walworth, and they will “gopher” ___

United we stand, divided, we fall. Go to Sargent and Walworth


  • Joyce Slagle Strong

    I grew up a few miles east ofWalworth on the Slagle farm

  • William Hill Predmore was my great-great-great uncle. I always appreciate finding new information about him. Thanks for sharing this article.

  • Sheri Rickertsen

    Thank you Gayle!! I just discovered this website & love the history nuggets you are posting here!

    My Great-Great Grandmother Lucia Crittendon Metcalf came to this area in 1883 from Ohio with her 4 young sons, Walter, Plin, Perry & Clarence. Augustus Metcalf, husband to Lucia & father to their sons had passed away from Typhoid in 1874. Lucia & each son took a homestead, 4 of them being adjacent claims South & East of soon to be Walworth.

    Each brother married, created a strong branch to the family tree, with many descendants still abiding in the Sargent area. Perry, my Great Grandfather, married Malinda Griffitts, also raised in Walworth-Gates area.

    I remember as a child, attending the Methodist church at Walworth with my Grandmother, while visiting Earl & Geneva Metcalf. Truly, I grew soul ties to this land in my youth. After Earl passed in 1977, JD & I were offered the opportunity to purchase the farm. My granddaughters are 6th generation bloodline, each growing their own soul ties to this farm.

    The stories of history in this area are truly inspiring, with many tragic events bringing pause along the way. I am personally ever thankful to be able to abide here, hopeful to steward the land well for future generations.

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