Oh The Scandal

Times have changed a little in the past hundred years.

In the November 23, 1922 issue of the Sargent Leader, the Comstock school was accused of sponsoring a party and dance after the football game, and the town of Sargent was quite upset about it. It turned out that the Comstock school only sponsored a party that ended at 9:00. The dance afterward was not supported by the school.

“We are of the opinion that had our football team had their mind upon winning the game at Comstock instead of what was to follow, we would not have been beaten 12-0 by a little town of some 400 population.

We appeal to the parents for cooperation to back us in our efforts to discourage such affairs that tend to demoralize our young people and detract them from the higher planes of refinement and good citizenship.”

You can go to the Sargent Leader Archives to read more articles from the past.

Sargent Leader 11/23/1922

The FCC says the majority of Nebraska is covered with reliable, fast cell phone coverage. We know that’s not the case.

“The Nebraska Farm Bureau was recently granted a waiver from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to challenge the legitimacy of coverage maps from various major cellular carriers in Nebraska.
Although phone carriers say nearly all of Nebraska is covered with reliable, fast cell phone coverage, we know that isn’t true. Help us get the cell phone coverage you deserve no matter where you are in Nebraska by running speed tests throughout the state.” – Nebraska Farm Bureau

Read this PDF for more information.

It’s Coming!

In less than a year, on Monday, August 21, 2017, at around 12:57 p.m., a total solar eclipse is coming to Sargent, Nebraska. It will be the first total eclipse of the sun on American soil since 1991, the first on the mainland since 1979 and the first to sweep the entire country since 1918. It will be a once in a lifetime experience. You can go to this link to see an interactive map to determine what areas the full eclipse will take place. If you live outside of this area, why not make plans to come to Sargent for the weekend and stay for the eclipse on Monday? Invite your friends and make it a big celebration. If you come to the Sargent Library, we will have viewing glasses available.

Accept the Challenge and Read Nebraska Books

Nebraska will celebrate its 150th birthday on March 1, 2017. The Nebraska literary community has chosen to use this time to highlight some of the best literature produced by authors in our state. Everyone is encouraged to read 42 books by various Nebraska authors. The chosen books highlight varied cultures, historical time periods and locations and include books of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, young adult and picture books.

Here is the reading challenge: Read all 42 books and you qualify for the Grand Prize.  Read 6 or 12 books and you qualify for the silver or gold prizes. You have until Feb 28, 2017 to enter. This contest is for all ages, so why not read some Nebraska books together as a family this summer? Entry forms are available at the Sargent Library, or follow this link for more information.  Nebraska 150 Reading Challenge

Nebraska 150 Books

Calling All Local Photographers

Hildegard Center for the Arts, in partnership with the Nebraska Tourism Commission and the Nebraska State Historical Society, is sponsoring a Photography Call for the great state of Nebraska!  The purpose is to highlight historic places and often over-looked historical treasures in all 93 counties. Let’s make sure that Custer County and the Sargent area are represented.

Click here for more information and to submit photos.

Hildegard Center

Nebraskans Have Free Access to 15 Databases

There are now 15 databases available online at Nebraska Access. These can be accessed for free with your Nebraska Drivers License number or with a password that you can obtain from your local library. With these databases you can create a family history, establish a small business, learn about medical conditions, get homework help, find a good book or movie, plan for retirement, or research thousands of other topics, This is a wonderful resource for dependable current information. 

MasterFileNoveList PlusMyHeritageConsumer Health CompleteLegal Information Reference CenterSmall Business Reference CenterBiography Reference BankBiography Reference CenterPsychology and Behavioral Sciences CollectionScience and Technology CollectionWorldCatFirstSearchPrimary SearchNoveList K-8 PlusFunk & Wagnalls New EncyclopediaPoints of View Reference CenterExploraPrimary Schools Explora

Stop Binge-Watching And Start Binge-Reading. I Read 300 Books Last Year And Am Smarter Because Of It

By Phil Edwards

“Over the past eight months, I’ve read more than 300 books on a wide range of subjects. It’s not because I’m intellectually pure–I was conducting research for a trivia site, Trivia Happy, and original research was the best way to avoid regurgitating the internet’s favorite facts. But a funny thing happened over the course of my bizarre experiment as I plunged into books about Liszt, Ben & Jerry’s, and everything in between. I realized that bingeing on books is a better way to read. . . Read more at the Huffington Post

“I’m a fox. It’s January. I’m hungry. I want a meal. My food, however, is buried 3 feet down, deep in the snow, hiding. It’s alive, in motion, and very small, being a mouse. So how does an above-ground fox catch an underground mouse? Well, the answer is nothing short of astonishing.” (via NPR)

‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ Sales Spike Amid Surveillance Disclosures

“According to Amazon.com Inc. sales data posted earlier Tuesday, one edition of the 64-year-old book jumped more than 7,000% in its overall sale rankings since the beginning of the week. Ranked 13,074 on Monday, the title is now in the top 200. . . .”  Read more at the Wall Street Journal

You can check out and read this book for free at the Sargent library. 


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