Registration Open for 2018 SELS Training Extravaganza!

We have an exciting event planned for you on May 11th at Seward Memorial Library! Our keynote speaker is Joyce Neujahr, Director of Patron Services at UNO’s Dr. C.C. and Mabel L. Criss Library. She will address the topic Feedback: Everybody needs it, Nobody wants it. The registration fee of $25 remains the same again this year (no inflation there!) and includes a catered meal. You may register at

Details about the day’s workshops:


Registration and Refreshments



Feedback: Everybody needs it, Nobody wants it. With Joyce Neujahr.

Or do they? Research shows a surprising number actually do want their work evaluated, even if it is a negative review. Can feedback really be a positive experience for both giver and receiver? We will examine how to give feedback so it is heard, and how to receive it with open ears. You will have a chance to practice giving and receiving feedback while enjoying a few laughs along the way. Attendees will leave with a new perspective on how this conversation does not have to feel like an interrogation.



Strategies in Teaching Information Literacy to Identify Fake News with Erin Painter

How can we help patrons determine the reliability of a news source? Where can we show them places to find quality information to inform, inspire, and educate themselves and others? Erin will discuss different types of biases and how to identify them in popular news sources and will lead a hands-on activity that can be adapted for almost any patron demographic you serve. She will also provide fact-checking websites and other resources useful for learning how to assess sources and improve the quality of information your patrons consume.

The Golden Sower Award: What’s It All About? With Kathy Schulz.

Do you have questions about the Nebraska Golden Sower Award:  How did it get started?  How does it all work?  How can I participate?  Kathy, Chair of the Golden Sower Award Committee, will provide background information and answer your questions about the Nebraska children’s choice book award.

Excel for Librarians with Megan Boggs

Microsoft Excel has a variety of uses in the library world from keeping track of budgets or managing program registrations to viewing circulation or collection statistics. Learn some hints and tips for working with already existing spreadsheets as well as building your own. We’ll also take a look at Google Sheets and see how that compares with Excel.



Catered Lunch



Representing Your Library with Confidence with Pat Leach

Pat Leach will review many of the basics regarding public presentations and networking, and throw in some new ideas, so you’ll leave with stronger skills in representing your library.

Fair Use with Scott Childers

What can you do? What should you do? Why do schools get to use stuff for free that public libraries have to pay a license for? Can we really get in trouble for showing a sporting event at the library? Do we need to monitor the copiers and printers? It can be confusing to know what is really “fair use” and what you need to pay for, especially when there are companies that try to scare you into needing a license when you don’t need one.

Going to School with NebraskAccess: A Review. With Susan Knisely.

The NebraskAccess statewide database program is intended to meet the needs of a diverse population of Nebraska residents, but which databases will work for grades K-12? In this workshop, particular focus will be paid to Primary Search and Funk & Wagnalls New Encyclopedia, available to search via EBSCO’s Explora interface for primary schools, as well as MasterFILE Complete and Points of View Reference Center for high schools. Additional databases can be discussed and demonstrated as time permits.



Panel Discussion: Experiences to Date with Maker Space Equipment.  With Max Wheeler, Heather St. Clair, Karen Mier, and Joy Stevenson.

Do you have questions about Maker Spaces? About which equipment is most popular? Interested in policies associated with Maker Spaces? How do you advertise? What is the level of staff expertise required for each piece of equipment? Each of these panel participants have been involved with the Library Innovation Studios, and they will briefly describe their individual and common experiences with the project, as well as answer questions.

Collecting Christian Fiction with Monica Tidyman

Christian fiction can be difficult to collect as it’s not just one genre, it encompasses all the genres. In this workshop we will take a look at the top authors in each genre you should probably have in your collection as well as the up and comer’s. I will also share with you valuable resources you can use to continue to add new Christian fiction to your collection.

Using OneNote to Make Your Life Easier with Todd Schlechte

Find out how OneNote allows you to organize your life by having your notes, webpage clippings, documents, and other items—organized–in one place. Regardless of how it is entered, information is quickly searchable, even text in pictures and words in recordings. This handy tool syncs between devices, which allows you to access OneNote regardless of which phone, tablet, or computers you use. You will need a Microsoft account in order to play with OneNote during this demonstration.

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