SELS Training Extravaganza in Seward on May 10!

The 2019 SELS Training Extravaganza will be held on May 10 at Seward Memorial Library from 9:30 – 3:00. We are excited to announce that Pat Leach will be our keynote speaker and her topic will be Easier and More Effective Advocacy: Telling Library Stories. Pat will guide you through crafting a library story (or two or three) that you can tell in a variety of situations for maximum impact. While we’ll rely on great information from the American Library Association, we’ll keep the focus on how you tell the story where you live and work.

The cost of the Extravaganza is only $25 and a catered meal is included. Register by May 2 at

The other sessions are as follows:

9:55 Announcements

10:00 – 10:55 KEYNOTE

11:00 – 11:50

Book Clubs in your Community with Lisa Kelly
Book Groups continue to grow in popularity for all ages. Have you been thinking about starting a book club?  A youth book club? Would you like to know where to borrow multiple copies of books?  Need tips on how to select titles for your group? Would you like help on how to facilitate discussions with your groups? Join us and we will decipher making book clubs a breeze and a valued program in your community.

Running a Successful Job Search with Scott Childers
The hiring process can be challenging process for many, but keeping some things in mind can help you get a great hire for your library. From writing the advertisement to running the last interview, you can do small things to improve your chances in a big way to get a great addition to your staff. This session will be useful to library directors and library board members alike.

Overdrive and the New Libby App with Heather St. Clair
With Overdrive’s release of Libby many are wondering what is Libby and should I care? This session will answer questions about the Libby App, how it relates to the Overdrive App, and give you the information to help your patrons decide if they want to use the Libby App.

12:00 – 12:50 Catered Lunch

1:00 – 1:50

Read, Write, and Grow! with Courtney Schaardt
Explore literature and activities that showcase Nebraska’s number one industry through this interactive workshop! Agriculture provides a rich context for learning about Nebraska’s past and present, the environment, food production, nutrition, and economics. Engage in a hands-on approach to embed relevant and authentic agriculture by learning to use Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom’s newest resource, Literature Guides. Each guide introduces a beautiful, imaginative, lively text or picture book and is accompanied by engaging STEM, social studies, and language arts lessons and activities.

Establishing Mutually Beneficial Relations with Law Enforcement with Denise Lawer, Jeff Franklin, Becky Baker, and Alan Baldwin. Moderated by Scott Childers.
These are some of the questions panelists will seek to answer: What does a great relationship between a library and law enforcement look like from your perspective? How did your relationship arise? Recommendations to others in establishing a good relationship?

Password Management Tools: Enhance Your Online Security with these Helpful and Easy Apps! With Amanda Sweet.
Password Management Tools can help you keep your passwords straight, develop strong passwords, and make it infinitely more difficult for hackers to get ahold of your sensitive information. This session will give you an information overview about how password managers work, then you’ll get a hands-on demonstration of the manager so you can start using it for yourself. You’ll also get an information packet to hand out to library patrons who might want to start using it at home.

2:00 – 2:50

Adult Programming in Small Libraries with Todd Schlechte
Do you ever feel like you can’t take on adult programming as a small library? Take some time to examine key concepts in small library programming. Get some actionable ideas as well!

Playing by the Rules: What You Need to Know About State Statutes with Christa Porter
Are you familiar with Nebraska’s public library-related State Statutes? This session that will help demystify these laws and regulations. Come with your questions!

Creating Marketing Materials with Tessa Terry
There are plenty of free and easy-to-use tools out there that can make you look like a pro. This session will cover multiple design and marketing tools that your library can use for free so you can create visuals and images that’ll make your marketing pop.

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