Awesome Sauce!

Fall Frenzy!

Fall Frenzy!

We had a great Story Time this month, five showed to the party and three joined afterwards!  Our story this month was Fancy Nancy and the Fall Foliage based on the creation of Jane O’Connor and Robin Preiss Glasser.  In the book, Nancy doesn’t know what to do with the beautiful fall leaves she has raked, so inspired by her poodle, Frenchy, she decides to make a fall wreath.  That is what we did here in the library as well.  We made beautiful fall wreathes complete with ribbon and raffia and our snack was a very ‘fallish’ treat of pumpkin cookies.  We had a great time; I hope you (or your children) can be here on the 17th of November for our next Story Time.  We make learning fun, right here at your Snyder library!

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