Summer Reading Kicks off in High Gear!


It was a grand first day of our annual program! Eager readers and engaged volunteers had a great time. Our kick-off guest speaker was Karna Dam, the 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator from the UNL Extension Office in Fremont.  She quickly held interest with her stories Oh Say Can You Seed? by Dr. Seuss, and The Reason for a Flower by Ruth Heller.  She spoke about bees and pollinators and how they also help ‘Build a Better World’ for us.  She also had a clever, engaging activity for the children– creating a pollinator ‘bug’ and trying different ways to spread pollen amongst each others ‘flowers’.  It was a great learning experience and great fun!  So many thanks to Karna for her exemplary program!  Next, our ‘hardy workers worked hard’ in Marvin’s Garden!  Never have I seen such speed!  They quickly cleaned out the gutter in the garden, hauling away debris that had been preventing adequate drainage to the sewer system, and pulled weeds in preparation for our path going in this coming week.  WELL DONE ALL!!!!  After some cool water, we gathered in the cool auditorium for a very cool snack provided by Marlene Snell.  As homage to bees and pollinators, she made Honey Peanut Butter Cheerio Bars – very tasty and loaded with protein for our young gardeners.  Next week we have another awesome guest speaker, awesome crafts and games, and an awesome snack!  We are building our better world right here in Snyder – stop by and see!

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