A Good Day to Read Outside

And June is already upon us! What a lovely few days it’s been!
Not too hot, not too windy.. a few storms here and there, but hey, we needed the rain! So did Marvin’s Garden, and speaking of which – if any of my patrons know anything about gardening, could you come down sometime and help a librarian out? Unfortunately, I don’t know that much about it, but I’m doing my best!

In other news, we have had an abundance of donations from you all for the Summer Reading Program!!! I think I can officially say that we no longer need any supplies to make instruments with, unless you want to bring some anyway! The only things we would need are Kleenex boxes (with just the hole on top) and smallish rocks with at least one flat side to write on. And if anybody wants to come down to play an instrument for the kids, that would be amazing! Just call me during open hours and let me know. I am very excited for the programs this year – we’re going to rock out and have lots of fun!

I’d like to give a special shoutout to: Leona Beck, from Leona’s Place, Hunke Manufacturing LLC, Central Valley Ag, Scribner Bank, Lisa Haas, the Dodge County Agricultural Society, the Snyder Lions Club, and the Dairy Queen and Subway in West Point for making special donations to this year’s Summer Reading Program, Libraries Rock! Thank you all so much for your generous donations!!

I will also be holding an event on Father’s Day this month, Sunday the 17th, for our patrons! It will be much like my Mother’s Day event (which went very well, in my opinion), with crafts and cards for patrons to make for their fathers and grandfathers, and snacks for them to eat! I will also have books I can read while they craft, if they’d like. Look for the flyers I’ll be putting up within the week!

Hopefully I’ll see you in the library soon! Have an awesome month.

This is Liz the Librarian, signing off.

Doris brought lilacs from her garden, her own vase and platters and table-spread for the Mother’s Day event, and she and Connie made snacks for it!! I don’t know what I’d do without the lovely ladies on my library board!!!

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