‘Tis But A Sniffle!

Hello, all! It got pretty cold all of a sudden, didn’t it? It’s been a slow day today because of it. But that’s okay! We still have plenty to do here at the library and lots of stuff, clubs, and activities for our patrons to enjoy! Be sure to come in and ask what all you can do upon visiting our lovely little library. 🙂

The Halloween Party went well! Not as many people attended as last year, but it was still a lot of fun and everybody got a LOT of stuff! Thank you to Nancy Markel for donating so many prizes and decorations! We had SO many volunteers that we had to send some of them home!

Thank you so much to everyone who came!!!

Thank you again to the wonderful firefighter Ron Litz for doing a safety speech with the kids! They loved it! We hope to see you again next year, as we love having you!

Viva Jitcheun won the candy guessing jar with a guess of 380 – there were 430 candies in the jar!

Costume Contest Results:
The 0-3 winner was Hudson Renter, second place was Jack Meyer
The 4-7 winner was Elijah Hittle, second place was Bentleigh Harding
and the 8-12 winner was Yoriel Collazo, second place was a wonderful girl whose mother does not wish her picture or name to be shared
Thank you so much to Teresa Wilcox, Arlene Heimann, and Gerri Heywood for being our judges!!! We really appreciate it!!

We may be changing some things up for next year’s Halloween Party (it’ll be on a full moon Saturday!) and figuring some stuff out to get more people to attend, but we will definitely let you know if there are BIG changes coming! We don’t want to stop having the party completely, not at all, but there were so many events all happening at the same time this year that we just didn’t get the crowd that we’re used to. So, hopefully, we’ll be able to remedy that come next year. If you have any ideas, please give the library a call/visit and let me know! We can work together to make everything the library does as AMAZING as possible! 🙂

Our Gym Day in October had five attendees – and we played kickball! It was so much fun that we nearly forgot to open up the library! Oops! For the Board Game Night, we had four attendees, and we played UNO! Some had never played it before, so it was interesting to see everyone’s take on the rules – the creators of UNO just came out and cleared up the ‘draw until you have a card rule’ (you’re only supposed to draw one!), so we had to decide if we wanted to change that or not. Still tons of fun! The Chess Club at the end of the month was skipped over in favor of prepping for the Halloween Party, and BINGO Night tonight had five people attend! Everyone just loves playing BINGO and getting prizes!

Next week’s club (November 13th) is Gym Day, November 20th is Board Game Night, and then November 27th is Chess Club! Drinks and snacks are provided at every Club Night. We hope to see you at one or all of them someday!!

In December, we will be having our Patron Only Party! Details on that coming soon!

Have a wonderful month, everyone!

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