A Halloween to Remember

Hello, all!! My my, it got really cold really quickly, didn’t it? A fifty-degree difference in a matter of days! That’s nuts. What’s also nuts is the fact that I’m a week late with this blog. Sorry!!

October was a fun month for the library! The clubs are doing very well and the kids love coming to them. Chess is still the favorite! Closely followed by Board Game Night. We might keep the same clubs for next year, but only time will tell!

Our annual Halloween party was a success!! The night before Halloween, we had some amazing young patrons who volunteered to help my library board ladies and I decorate the front hall and the auditorium, for which we were very, very grateful!! Thank you again for all of your help: Arely and Manuel Sotelo, Neveah Jurisch, Justenne Carstens, Nora Metschke, and Mae! 

We gave out goodie bags (no candy) and glowsticks to the kids. For games, we had duck fishing, diving for donuts, and a ring toss setup. We also had a coloring pages station and a cookie decorating station (which was fully funded by a donation from the Snyder Volunteer Fire Department – thank you so much!!). At the entrance to the auditorium, we had a jar full of M&Ms for a guessing game. Patrons had to guess how many pieces of candy were inside of the jar (there were 960 M&Ms!!) and the closest guess got to win the entire jar and its contents! Congratulations to Kendall Wisnieski for the closest guess at 901!

We also had a costume contest for kids ages 0 to 12. It was broken up into groups: 0-3, 4-7, and 8-12. We had first and second place winners for each group. The first place winner for 0-3 was Jack Meyer, and the second place winner was Adalyn Renter. The first place winner for 4-7 was Edyn Besmer, and the second place winner was Allyanna Besmer. The first place winner for 8-12 was Dereck Collazo, and the second place winner was Brandon Wisnieski. Congratulations to all of those who won!! And thank you to Joe Kaup, Arlene Heimann, and Gerri Heywood for being the judges!

Ron Litz from the Snyder Fire Department came and spoke about Fire and Halloween Safety with the kids. He was a natural and the kids loved listening to him! Thanks again for coming, Ron!

We also served hot dogs, fruits and veggies, chips, Go-Gurts, and cupcakes for dinner! We basically had nothing left, which was wonderful! We were happy to feed everyone before they went out for trick-or-treating! Thank you to all of my lovely library board ladies who cooked and prepared the food!

I hope we do just as well next year. We think we had about 50-60 people, which is amazing!!! Thank you to everyone who helped make this party possible and to everyone who helped us!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
We couldn’t have done this without you!!!

I can’t wait to see what we do next!

This is Liz the Librarian, signing off.

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Something Wicked This Way Comes!

Hello, all! Fall is here! And so is October; it’s time to get spooky!!! 

Our library clubs are growing! We now officially have a Young Adult (YA) Book Club consisting of three members. They have named themselves The Magical Book Wizards, and we have already ordered and received our first book to read. So excited! I’m also reading the Adult Book Club’s book with them this month, since it seems like a very interesting story. We also had four patrons join our Writing Club! So far we’re just writing what we would like to write, but eventually I will introduce writing prompts and exercises for us to do. Maybe someday we’ll publish a book together or something!

And our Chess Club is booming; I had over six kids attend the last club night, and more would’ve stayed if I would have had more chess sets. We now have three of them, and we will probably get a few more since the interest in the game has spiked considerably! Hopefully we’ll have our first town-wide tournament by next spring! The kids are quick learners and just love playing the game. I’ve always wanted to have a Chess Club at my library my entire career; to see it flourish already is just a dream come true!

I had three extremely generous people donate a plethora of board games to the library, so now we won’t ever have to worry about buying games ourselves. Our next Game Night Club should be really fun! We’ve got Risk, Battleship, Scrabble, Clue, UNO, and many, many more! Even Hungry Hungry Hippos! Thank you to my friend Laura Craig, and Snyder Lions Club members Teresa Wilcox and Michael Keltch for donating such awesome games to us! This Wednesday, October 3rd, is the next Game Night Club. Hope we see you there! There will be all kinds of different games to play!

I will be buying and adding lots of good books this month! The newest Diary of a Wimpy Kid novel and the newest Dork Diaries novel are coming out, a new book from Nicholas Sparks, and a new Pete the Cat book will be coming to YOUR library! I’m also going to try something new and get some graphic novels for the library! I hope you will like them all.

Now on to the best part of October: Halloween!! We will be having our annual Halloween Party again, on Halloween night, from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm. We will have fun games, good food (but no candy!), and a costume contest! And plenty of prizes for everybody who participates! I have already had people asking if they can come and volunteer, to which I said ABSOLUTELY!! Any and all people are welcome to come join us and/or help us out! Come dress up and have fun with us on the spookiest night of the year!

That’s it from me! Have a great month! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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Fall Is Approaching!

Hello, everyone! September is here! With it, hopefully some cooler weather and a nice, long autumn for us all. Definitely not ready for winter again in just a few months!

August was an easy month for the library – a nice break after the Summer Reading Program and everything. We finally got our beautiful slat wall put up! The library is officially finished furniture-wise, unless we change the chairs or the carpet or something, but that’s a long ways off from now. It’s nice and cozy inside our little library – full of books, magazines, and DVDs for you to check out! I just added a whole bunch of new books and movies for y’all; Ferdinand, Ready Player One, 12 Strong, and Baby Driver are the newest movies we’ve added, and for books, we now have the Game of Thrones series, the Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter series, the Legend of Drizzt book series, and many more! Come check them out!

I also started up Library Club Nights. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do these last six years of being a librarian, and I like to offer the clubs as a way for patrons to come and relax and have fun in their library, while learning new things and making new friends!

First, we had Chess Club, and I had three kids come to learn how to play the game. One of them nearly beat me, and they had never even played before! We’re going to continue our game at our next meeting, on September 12th. Unfortunately, I didn’t have anybody come for the first meetings of the other two clubs, the Writing Club and the Young Adult Book Club. But I know patrons are interested in them, so hopefully they’ll be able to make it to the next meetings on September 19th and September 26th! This Wednesday, September 5th, is our first Dungeons & Dragons/Game Night Club! I hope we get some patrons to come to this one – I’ve never had the pleasure of playing D&D yet, and would like to learn with some other people! And if that’s not your thing, I’ve got plenty of other games to play!

Library Club Nights are every Wednesday afternoon, from 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm. They’re all planned out until the end of the year already, so don’t worry about missing one or two! There’s about five meetings for each of them this year, and hopefully there’ll be plenty more in 2019!

I hope you can all come to the library soon to use the computer and WiFi, check something out, or join one of our new clubs! Everyone is always welcome! September is also Library Card Sign-up Month, so come on down and sign up if you haven’t already!

Liz the Librarian, signing off.

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