The mission of the Maxine White / Sutherland Public Library is to support literacy and lifelong learning in Sutherland and surrounding communities.


The Sutherland Public Library was established in April, 1915, by the Women’s Improvement Club of Sutherland, which later became known as the Sutherland Women’s Club. In April, 1930, the Village Board voted to take over the library and appoint a board consisting of five (5) members.  The Sutherland Public Library was renamed the Maxine White / Sutherland Public Library by the Village in October, 1985, in recognition of Maxine White for her long dedicated service as librarian.


  1. To procure and maintain an organized collection of books, media and educational material to enrich the lives of library patrons.
  2. To provide opportunity and encouragement for library patrons of all ages to continue to educate themselves.
  3. To identify community needs and cooperate with other organizations and institutions to provide programs or services to meet these needs.
  4. To provide opportunity for recreation through the use of literature, music, films and other art forms.
  5. To meet and exceed the required Nebraska Public Libraries Guidelines for Accreditation as set forth by the Nebraska Library Commission and the Nebraska Library Association.


The Maxine White / Sutherland Public Library is governed by the Village of Sutherland Municipal Code Section 2-201, 3-601 through 3-606 concerning the library by the Nebraska State Statutes 51-201 through 51-220. The library board follows the Village of Sutherland’s Drug-Free Workplace policy.

Library Board

A library board of five (5) members shall be appointed from the citizens at large by the Sutherland Village Board of Trustees. The term of the members of the library board shall be for a period of two (2) years unless reappointed. Three (3) members of the library board shall be appointed in odd-numbered years and two (2) members of the library board shall be appointed in even-numbered years. The members of the library board shall be appointed in January of each year by the Sutherland Village Board of Trustees. No member of the Sutherland Village Board of Trustees shall serve as a member.


Three (3) members of the library board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Election of Officers

At the library board’s first meeting of each year, the Board shall organize by selecting a president, vice-president, a secretary and a treasurer.  No member of the library board shall serve in the capacity of both the president and secretary of the library board.


The president shall conduct the meetings and may call for special meetings at any time.

The vice-president shall carry out the duties of the president in his/her absence.

The secretary shall keep full and correct minutes and records of all meetings and file the same with the Village Clerk, where they shall be available for public inspection.

The treasurer shall keep duplicate records of all library funds. The Village Clerk will keep the official records. The Village Clerk will pay the bills upon presentation of purchase orders submitted by the librarian. The checks must be co-signed by the Village Clerk and a signatory on the bank account.

Regular Meetings

The library board will meet quarterly in January, April, July and October on the third Thursday.

Special Meetings

Special meetings may be called by the president or any three members of the library board.

General Powers and Duties – Nebraska Statute 51-211

The library board shall have the power to erect, lease or occupy an appropriate building for the use of such library and to appoint a suitable librarian and assistants, to fix their compensation, and to remove such appointees at pleasure, for valid reason. It shall have the power to establish rules and regulations for the government of such library as may be deemed necessary for its preservation and to maintain its usefulness and efficiency. It shall have the power to fix and impose, by general rule, penalties and forfeitures for trespass upon or injury to the library grounds, rooms, books, or other property, failure to return any book, or for violation of any bylaw, rule or regulation and to fix and impose reasonable fees, not to exceed the library’s actual cost, for nonbasic services. The library board shall have and exercise such powers as it may be necessary to carry out the spirit and intent of Sections 51-201 to 51-519 of the Nebraska State Statutes, in establishing and maintaining a public library and a reading room.

Annual Report – Nebraska Statute 51-213

The library board shall, on or before the second Monday in February in each year, make a report to the city council or village board or to the county township board of the condition of its trust on February 1 of such year, showing all money received or expended; the number of books and periodicals on hand; newspapers and current literature subscribed for or donated to the reading room the number of books and periodicals ordered by purchase, gift or otherwise obtained during the year, and the number of lost or missing; the number of character books loaned or issued, with such statistics, information and suggestions as it may deem of general interest, or as the city council, village, county or township board may require which report shall be verified by affidavit of the proper officers of such board.


A library budget shall be submitted yearly to the Village Board. Disbursements shall be made from the fund by the Village Clerk.

Expenditures – Nebraska Statutes 51-207 & 51-209

Nebraska Statute 51-207

The library board shall have exclusive control of expenditures, of all money collected or donated to the credit of the library fund, of the renting and construction of any library building, and the supervision of care and custody of the grounds, room or building constructed, leased or set apart for that purpose.

Nebraska Statute 51-209

All taxes levied or collected and all funds donated in any way shall be kept for the use of the library separate and apart from all funds of the city, village, county or township, and shall be drawn upon and paid out by the treasurer of such city, village, county or township upon vouchers signed by the president of the library board and authenticated by the secretary of such board, and shall not be used or disbursed for any other purposes or in any other manner.

Donations and Memorial Gifts – Nebraska Statute 51-215

Any person may make donations of money, land, and other property for the benefit of the library.  The title to property so donated may be made to and shall vest in the library board of such library and their successors in office, and the board shall thereby become the owners thereof in trust to the uses of the public library of the city, village, township or county.  Money collected shall be invested by the library board. The library board will decide how the money is to be spent. All checks drawn on the memorial account shall be co-signed by the Village Clerk and a signatory on the bank account.



The library board shall select, appoint, and when necessary for valid reasons, dismiss the librarian. The library board shall establish all other positions and all wage and benefit levels for all library staff. The library board shall conduct annual appraisals of the librarian’s performance, at which time, personal and management goals can be discussed and negotiated.

Job Descriptions

Librarian – Responsible for general library operation, supervision of staff and must operate as a link with staff and library board to achieve efficient library operation. Duties include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Attend all library board meetings.
  2. Train and supervise library personnel and volunteers.
  3. Select library material.
  4. Supervise weeding of library materials.
  5. Select and maintain media files and programs.
  6. Work with library board on preparation of budget.
  7. Implement children’s summer reading program.
  8. Provide informational programs for the community and surrounding area.
  9. Implement policies and objectives as established by the library board.
  10. Perform the routine daily janitorial duties within the library.

Assistant Librarian – Responsible for the general library operation in the absence of the librarian.

Travel Expense

When official duty requires an employee to travel outside the Village, the following shall apply:

  • An employee will be paid the prevailing state mileage rate when they use their own vehicle.
  • Authorization should be obtained from the library board for fares, fees, dues, registrations, meals and lodging prior to any arrangements being finalized by an employee. These items will be considered on an individual basis. Reimbursement for authorized expenditures requires that the employee furnish the Village with a receipt for every expense incurred.

Continuing Education

The library board promotes continuing education of its employees and board members.

Personnel Manual Equal Opportunity Employment Policy 2.1

The Village Of Sutherland and the Maxine White / Sutherland Public Library is an Equal Opportunity Employer. It is the explicit policy not to discriminate against any employee for reasons of race, color, religion, age, national origin, sex or any physical or mental handicap which does not affect the abilty to perform the duties of the job in a satisfactory manner.


Hours of Operation, Emergencies and Safety

Days and times of operation will be set by the library board and librarian. The librarian has the discretion to close the library during bad weather or other emergencies and will notify board member of such closures. The library shall be closed if a holiday falls on a scheduled open day.

The use of the library may be denied for due cause. Such cause may be failure to return library materials, pay penalties, destruction of library property, disturbance of other patrons, or any other illegal, disruptive, or objectionable conduct on the library premises. The librarian will instruct patrons to leave and notify a board member.

Security cameras are in use for the safety of library staff and patrons. Notices of “Cameras in Use” are posted.

Intellectual Freedom

The library will serve all residents of the community and the public library service area. Service will not be denied or abridged because of religious, racial, social, economic or political status; or because of mental or physical condition, age or sexual orientation.  We respect the right of every individual to see and receive all points of view without restriction.

Library Cards

  1. Library cards are free.
  2. Patrons must have a library card to check out books and materials.
  3. Patrons must be at least school age to have a library card in their own name.

An application form will be filled out prior to obtaining a library card showing who is financially responsible for materials taken out.

Fees and Fines

  1. Adult books and materials: $.10 per day per item up to replacement cost of item.
  2. Children and young adult books and materials: $.05 per day per item up to replacement cost of item.

Photocopying, Printing and Laminating

  1. Black and white copies/prints: $.15 per page; Color copies/prints: $.35 per page.
  2. “The Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. The person using the equipment is liable for any infringement.”  Any question in regard to this policy by a resident of the area served by the Maxine White / Sutherland Public Library should be submitted in writing to the librarian.
  3. Laminating: $.50-$1.00 per page depending on thickness of laminating pouch.


Materials for the Maxine White / Sutherland Public Library shall be purchased by the librarian under the authority given to them by the library board.


All new materials chosen for the collection shall be catalogued and shelved for public use.  An annual report will be provided showing the number of materials put into circulation.

Donated Materials

Due to space constraints and limited processing resources, the library is unable to accept all materials offered. The library reserves the right to dispose of unsolicited materials in any manner it deems appropriate.


  1. Patrons in good standing may utilize all services.
  2. Materials may be reserved by patrons.
  3. Inter-Library Loan is available through the Nebraska Library Commission. Requests are made through the librarian and fees may be charged.
  4. New card holders may check out two (2) items during the probationary period of one (1) month. If a patron card is in good standing at the end of the probationary period, the number of items may be adjusted at the discretion of the librarian.
  5. Weeding books is an ongoing process. Selection of materials to be weeded will be under the direction of the librarian. Disposition of weeded materials will be determined by the guidelines established b y the Nebraska State Library Commission.

Exhibits, Displays and Bulletin Boards

The library provides attractive, educational and cultural exhibits as possible. No poster display, exhibit, pamphlet, brochure, booklet, etc. shall be exhibited displayed or placed in the library without permission of the librarian. The librarian may remove items at his / her discretion. The library assumes no responsibility for the preservation or protection from possible damage or theft of any item displayed or exhibited.


All technology within the library will be updated and maintained to the standard decided upon by the library board.


Use of the Internet is a privilege, not a right; and inappropriate use will result in a suspension of this privilege.  The public must comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws, including laws governing the transmission and dissemination of information while accessing the internet.

Internet User Regulations

  1. Patrons must follow posted guidelines.
  2. Patrons may not use any unapproved external device in any computer.
  3. Patrons must sign, date and enter beginning and ending times on Computer Usage Form.
  4. Access to the workstation may be limited to 30 minutes per day.
  5. Library staff may assist patrons with Internet as time permits.
  6. A per page printing charge will be assessed.
  7. Any damage to the computer or peripherals will be charged to the patron.

Failure to use the Internet workstation appropriately and responsibly may result in revocation of Internet use privileges.

Users may not

  1. Use the network to make unauthorized entry into other computational, informational or communication services or resources.
  2. Use any unapproved external device.
  3. Distribute unsolicited advertising.
  4. Invade the privacy of others.
  5. Make any attempt to damage computer equipment or software.
  6. Engage in any activity that is harassing or defamatory.
  7. Use the Internet for any illegal activity, including violation of copyright or other rights of third parties, or in a manner inconsistent with the library’s tax exempt status or its proper operation.

Violations may result in loss of access. Unlawful activities will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.


Objections about any materials, staff or operation of the library should be submitted to the librarian on the complaint form. If the librarian is not able to handle the problem, the library board shall hear the personal complaint by the patron with the librarian present.

  1. Patron files complaint form with librarian.
  2. Library board and librarian review complaint.
  3. Public hearing for the patron to state their case.
  4. Library board votes on issue.


All circulation records and other records identifying the names of library users are confidential.  Such records shall not be made available to any person or government agency except pursuant to such process, order and/or subpoena as authorized by law.


The librarian may select volunteers and assign duties to the volunteers according to the needs of the library.

Americans with Disabilities

The Maxine White / Sutherland Public Library makes every effort possible to make the library accessible to Americans with disabilities.


The Maxine White / Sutherland Public Library property is owned by the Village of Sutherland.  Maintenance to the building and property will be done by the Village of Sutherland employees. Maintenance items are such things as general mechanical work to the building, maintaining the flags in good repair, debris removal and snow removal. The flower beds next to the building and along the curb will be maintained by the Sutherland Garden Club.