Take a Tour

Welcome to the Maxine White/Sutherland Public Library! We are located in Sutherland, Nebraska. We are about 20 miles west of North Platte or 31 miles east of Ogallala.
Our front window has our hours, upcoming events, and notes about closures. Check here for important information.
Upon entering our library, the first collection you will find is our DVDs. We have around 800 DVDs. You can check out up to 12 items on an adult’s card or 5 on a child’s card for up to three weeks.
To the right of the front door is our “new releases” and our free book section. The new releases is a great spot to check first for new books from popular authors and series. The free books are items we’ve weeded from our collection to make room for all the new items. You can also see two of our three available public use computers.
We have around 3,000 fiction books available for checkout.
Our large print books are located right behind the movie section. We have almost 800 large print books to choose from.
Every three months, we get 50 large print books from McCook library. This is done through inter-library loan.
The large print McCook books are exchanged for new titles in January, April, July, and October every year.
Our young adult section has around 650 fiction, nonfiction, and graphic novels to choose from.
We have around 1,000 nonfiction books, including biographies. These are located on our back wall.
We have about 200 audiobooks located in our Nebraska reference room. We also get 25 new audiobooks every three months through Hastings library through inter-library loan. These are exchanged for new titles in January, April, July, and October every year. They are located by the circulation desk.
This is the circulation desk area. Bring your selections to the main desk and one of us will gladly help you checkout. Or, if you need help with anything, please ask. That’s why we’re here!
Our children’s room has almost 1,600 easy picture books to checkout. This is authors A through K.
This is author’s L-Z.
We have several big books, almost 100 boardbooks for babies, almost 200 graphic novels and over 100 junior biographies.
We have over 900 junior non-fiction books for kids to checkout. This is 000-626 in the Dewey Decimal System.
This is 627-999 in our junior non-fiction section.
We have roughly 700 books in our “EZ” readers section. These are books like Dr. Seuss, Dick & Jane, and beginner reader books.
We have over 1,500 junior fiction chapter books.
Here’s another picture of our children’s room.