August 4, 2016 Library Board Meeting

The Sutton Memorial Library Board met at 5:00 p.m. on August 4, 2016 for the August meeting in the library.  President Joyce Brown called the meeting to order and referred to the Open Meeting’s Act.  Present were:  Librarian, Shelly Reed, and Board Members Joyce Brown, Pam Overturf, Gertie Schmer, Carol Ericksen, and Harriet Maser, and City Administrator, Jeff Hofaker.

The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.  The bills for the month of July were presented and approved.  The balance on hand in the Sutton Library Memorial Account is $23, 292.o9, as of 7.31.2016.

Shelly presented the circulation report for the month of June, and July as follows:  Total Circulation = 1404, Visitors = 873.  July statistics were:  Total Circulation: = 1190, Visitors = 563.

Old Business:  Jeff reported that the front door and carpet replacement will be replaced by the end of September.

Shelly reported that one of the ceiling fans was nor working.  She also discussed the time frame of usage of the computers.  Computer & Internet usage policy, adopted on 9/5/2013 stated that there will be a limit of 30 minutes usage, except for someone doing research, homework assignment or resting for college classes or employment.  This pol8icy was reviewed and will continue to be used.

Shelly also reported that the Strategic Plan had been submitted.

New Business:  Shelly reported that Veronica Ellis was no longer employed and Carman Ulmer had been hired, and she will be working Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and alternate Saturdays; Shelly will continue to be the Head Librarian and will be working Monday and Wednesday, and alternate Saturdays.

Estimates will be obtained regarding doing the cosmetic updating to the Library to enable a decision to be made.

Jeff suggested that Lions Club members could be utilized to tell stories for a Library Children’s program.  He also suggested having youth possibly working in the library, and could use the grant funding for this.

Evaluation report for Shelly Reed, Head Librarian was completed by the Board.

Our next meeting will be September 1, 2016.  Without further business, President Joyce Brown closed the meeting a 6:15 P.M.

Secretary, Pam Overturf

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