Calculate your library’s worth

Now that National Library Week is over you’ll want to build on the momentum and enthusiasm the week’s activities created. One way to stay on everyone’s radar is calculating the value of the library. Perhaps calculate the value of the library during National Library Week 2015 and post on your social media sites along with photos of the week’s events. Or, find other ways to present the total value and usage statistics to the library’s stakeholders. Try the value calculator on

The April/May issue of the TRLS Newsletter is now available online

Three Rivers Library System, TRaiLS, Apr/May 2015

The first page of the newsletter features important information about the system office location and a system community survey now under way. The link to complete the survey is

We are hoping to have many responses by the next board meeting (May 1st, Wayne Public Library). Please let us know your thoughts 🙂

Edit: The link in the article about the Storm Chasers Hit the Books program leads to old information. They are winding down the program now but will begin contacting schools in August again. For more information about how your school can participate in the 2016 program email