It’s not too late!

Have you seen the new NLA advocacy tool, Engage? Through Engage you can receive updates on advocacy efforts and easily search for your elected representatives. There is also an option to join the mailing list, a great way to stay informed of advocacy issues concerning Nebraska libraries.

Looking for information about LB969? Click on the Advocacy Resources link in the top right corner of the page. There is also a petition to sign through EveryLibrary. It is not too late to voice your opinion to the Nebraska General Affairs Committee.

The search is on!

Map of TRaiLS four county groups

Three Rivers Library System is now officially searching for 4 member librarians to fill the role of System Peer Coordinator in four county groups. If you are interested please send a resume and cover letter to our office at 11929 Elm St. suite 18 Omaha, NE 68144.

These positions will be open until filled.

Visit the System Peer Coordinator page for a description of the System Peer Coordinator service model and position.