Annual Meeting Minutes 2015

Three Rivers Library System Annual Meeting Minutes
June 5, 2015
Columbus Public Library
Columbus, NE

Meeting began at 1:05 pm

Members Present: Francine Canfield, Rose Barcal, Kathy Ageton, Lauran Lofgren (online), Laura England-Biggs and Aimee Morlan.

Also present: Anneka Ramirez and Richard Miller (NLC), Drew Brookhart (director at Columbus Public Library).

Online guests: Christa Burns (NLC) and Rosa Schmidt (Oakland)

This is the first Annual Three Rivers Library System (TRaiLS) Meeting and thus no minutes to approve from a previous year’s meeting.

Review Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Rose Barcal and TRaiLS Executive Director Anneka Ramirez reviewed the report briefly for those present, also making the report available through GoTo Meeting for digital participants.

Member Barcal also reviewed the May and June bills to date.

TRaiLS had decided to consolidate the accounts from Eastern Library System and Northeast Library System using a bank with more branches available across our territory. That was accomplished by opening a new TRaiLS account at First National Bank.

Recognition of Board Members:

Transition Board Members from July 1, 2014 – December 31, 2014

Transition Board Members introduced themselves (Ageton, Barcal, Canfield, England-Biggs, Lofgren and Morlan). President Canfield thanked the members for their work as we went from two systems to one.

Recruitment of Board Members for Elections

The current board represents Cass, Dixon, Dodge, Douglas, Madison, Sarpy and Wayne counties. There is no current representative from the Southwest corner of the territory (Boone, Colfax, Nance, Platte and Stanton). System Director Ramirez will continue to make visits around the system, looking for directors or other staff who exhibit the qualities we want in new board members (leadership, vision, collaboration, and a sense of humor).

Drew Brookhart asked what the duties of the Board were; President Canfield explained that TRaiLS is a non-profit board with administrative powers, and that our primary duties involved hiring a director and ensuring that the terms of the Grant Agreement with the Nebraska Library Commission was fulfilled. Director Ramirez will send a copy of the Grant Agreement to Mr. Brookhart.

Mr. Brookhart also asked what qualities we were looking for in future board members. In addition to the list above, Member Ageton added that our board members should understand how to serve all types of libraries (large, medium, small and one-person) since the counties we serve contain all of these.

TRLS In Review:

Director Ramirez shared the TRaiLS annual report with the group and online, reviewing it briefly. It will be available online for those interested.

Mr. Miller asked if we were already identifying individuals to help fill additional staff roles or if personnel descriptions needed to be developed first. President Canfield has already identified the topic as part of our August meeting agenda. Director Ramirez answered that she was working on both pieces of this at the same time, developing the expectations and noting possible candidates for the positions as she is out and about in the system.

Ms. Barcal asked to recognize the work of Gail Formanack, former Eastern Library System Director and former Interim Director for TRaiLS. Her organizational skills, dedication and time were a large part of a successful transition. Director Ramirez echoed those sentiments, noting that Gail has been gracious about being available for occasional questions (even now that she is fully retired). President Canfield agreed and extended appreciation on behalf of the Board.


Richard Miller reviewed his monthly report to the System Board, which was also made available online to the participants.

NEXT MEETING: FRIDAY, August 7 – Location and Time to be determined.

Meeting adjourned at 1:44 pm

Respectfully submitted

Laura England-Biggs


(Minutes to be approved at next annual meeting)