Best Practices in Workplace Communication Workshop

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Join us on 25 February 2021 at 10:30 am to learn about effective, intentional communication with Erica Rose. 1 CE available!

Gossip. Lack of motivation. Inefficiency. Unfulfilled expectations. Confusion. Uncertainty.  These are common issues that plague many workplaces and, if unchecked, can set off a debilitating chain of toxic events. Throw in a pandemic, a plethora of asynchronous work, virtual meetings, and it gets even stickier. While these are significant challenges, there is a magic medicine that proactively addresses all these issues: effective, intentional communication.  It’s easier said than done, but the impact makes it worth the investment.  Let’s spend time thinking and talking about what effective communication looks, feels, and sounds like in our libraries.  This presentation will provide some communication theory, but the focus will be on strategies to improve communication practices at every level of the organization.  Questions, commentary, and your own experiences are most welcome.

Erica Rose is Library Science Faculty and Program Coordinator for UNO’s undergraduate library science program. She received an MLS from the University of Missouri-Columbia and has been teaching library science students for over a decade. As a fully online instructor, she is a true believer in the effectiveness and potential for online learning and interaction.  Before coming to higher education, she spent twenty years working in libraries of all shapes, sizes, and flavors, and she is proud to call herself a 21stcentury librarian. Her first day as a Library Science instructor, teaching and mentoring the next generation of librarians, was the best work day ever. The second best day involved joyriding in a brand new bookmobile. Whether serving in the field or in the college classroom, she strives to infuse joy into education and public service.