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The Three Rivers Library System has a number of DVDs that be used for Continuing Education (CE) credit.  These videos and DVDs are available to any librarian or board member.  If you wish to borrow a DVD, or have any questions, please contact us.

2009 Nebraska Book Festival, Nebraska Center for the Book, 2009. 5 DVDs
Nebraska authors such as William Kloefkorn, Ted Koozer, Michael Forsberg, Harley Jane Kozak and many more discuss and read their works.

Back Talk with Dr. Alan Sokoloff, Library Video Network, 2002.  [40 min] DVD
Dr. Sokoloff shows the healthy way to perform basic library tasks.  This DVD includes an exercise guide to maintain back health.

Cataloging: New Perspectives, College of DuPage Library Futures Series, 2011.  [90 min] DVD
RDA and new attention on library information being part of the semantic web have drastically changed the landscape of library cataloging.  These changes have led to some new discoveries about libraries and cataloging.

Cataloging: Where are we now? Where are we going?, College of DuPage Library Futures Series, 2010. [90 minutes] DVD
This episode of Library Futures discusses how the nature of information is changing and how these changes might impact how we catalog and organize information in the library.

Customer Service Basics, Library Video Network, 2010. [15 min] DVD
This is a training program that shows the fundamentals of providing outstanding customer service.

Diversity Beyond the Obvious, College of DuPage Library Challenges and Opportunities Series, 2009. [90 min] DVD
The rewards of diversity are many and this discussion gives us steps to recruit and retain a diverse workforce.

An Evening with Jamie LaRue: An Offer They Can’t Refuse, 2006. DVD
Jamie LaRue, director of the Douglas County Libraries in Colorado, helps us learn to be successful librarians and lobbyists.

Free Content for Library Collections, College of DuPage Library Futures Series, 2011. [90 min] DVD
Learn how to find, evaluate and contribute to free online content.  The program covers useful websites for libraries that include teachers’ guides, lesson plans, newspapers, magazines, literary criticism, research guides, and reference resources.  It also gives information about finding more traditional library materials, including full-text books.

Going Green: Creating an Environmentally Friendly Library, Library Video Network, 2009. [30 min] DVD
Learn simple and easy tips to make your library and its services more environmentally friendly.

Holding an Effective Meeting, Library Video Connection, 2006. [18 min] DVD
By following the guidelines in this program, you will be able to increase productivity and spend less time in meetings.

I Need a Book! Readers’ Advisory for Adults, Library Video Network, 2006. [25 min] DVD
Use the appeal characteristics to help your patrons find the book that is most appropriate for them. You will also learn how to use the “Quick Dip” in order to learn about a book without reading it.

Information Literacy Education: A National Overview, College of DuPage Library Futures Series, 2010. [90 min]
A panel discusses what librarians can do to strengthen information literacy skills in their own patrons and students.

Information Literacy for Life, College of DuPage Library Challenges and Opportunities Series, 2008. [90 min] DVD
This panel discusses preparing students and patrons to sort through and evaluate the vast amount of information now available.

Joseph Janes at the Cornhusker Hotel, Nebraska Library Commission, 2006. [85 minutes] DVD
Mr. Janes, the Internet Librarian, gives a speech in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Librarian 2.0 with Michael Stephens, Eastern Library System and Southeast Library System Fall Colloquium, 2007 [80 min] DVD
Michael Stephen, professor of Library Science at Dominican University, talks about the practical application of technology in libraries.
Libraries & the Mobile Technology Landscape, College of DuPage Library Futures Series, 2010. [90 min.] DVD 
Get an introduction to how libraries are coping with the increasing use of mobile devices.


Library Spaces: Future Needs, College of DuPage Library Challenges & Opportunities Series, 2008.  [90 min] DVD
This discussion features practical examples for designing libraries with future needs in mind.

Making the Best of a Shrinking Budget: Creative Practices in a New Economy, College of DuPage Library Futures Series, 2010. [90 min] DVD
With libraries facing sometimes devastating budget shortfalls, this discussion focuses on a new way of thinking about the relationship between budgets and services.

Mapping the Library Landscape: Finding the Trends That Matter, College of DuPage Soaring to Excellence Series, 2007. [90 min] DVD

An Ounce of Prevention: Health Reference Basics, College of DuPage Soaring to Excellence Series, 2009. [90 min] DVD
As more people get involved in learning about their own health, the library has had to keep pace with quality print and electronic health resources.  This discussion focuses on those resources as well as the library’s role in helping patrons with medical questions.

People Watching With a Purpose, College of DuPage Soaring to Excellence Series, 2008. [90 min] DVD
This panel discussion focuses on collaborating with community members in building meaningful experiences.

Poetry: Capturing the Moment with U.S. Poet Laureate Ted Kooser & Friends, 2005. DVD
This DVD includes the “Ted Kooser’s Poetic World” television show that was broadcast on NET along with other Nebraska poets reciting their own poetry, a poets’ roundtable and lesson plans for schools.

Putting Customers First, Library Video Network, 2009. [40 min] DVD
This training program, designed to improve the customer service behaviors of all levels of library staff, shows how to provide outstanding customer service in person, on the phone, and online.

Redesigning Today’s Public Services: Focus on Reference, College of DuPage Library Futures Series, 2010. [90 min] DVD
The tools, methods and expectations of reference service in all types of libraries are anything but static.  This program examines current trends in reference service and makes informed predictions about the future of this vital component of library service.

Reversing the Ratchet: Basic Technology Adoption Strategies for Library Workers, College of DuPage Soaring to Excellence Series, 2008. [90 min] DVD
Technology has shaped a large portion of our current culture and this discussion focuses on basic tips and techniques for keeping up with technology in the library.

Serving Teens in Libraries, Library Video Network, 2009. [50 min] DVD
The program shows not just the positive atmospheres created by having unique teen spaces but the greater importance of developing a successful mindset to working with teens.  It also highlights libraries that provide outstanding services to teens and shows how to replicate their successes.

Solving Difficult Situations, Library Video Network, 2003. [30 min] DVD 
The program shows ways to handle security and safety issues in the library. Among the issues covered are potentially violent patrons, bomb threats, sexual harassment, and inappropriate Internet browsing.

SPI: Successful Partnership Investigation, Library Video Network, 2008. [25 min] DVD
Showcased as a parody of a television crime drama, this DVD investigates what makes for a successful library partnership and how to avoid common mistakes.

Targeting the Ages: Programming that Hits the Mark, College of DuPage Soaring to Excellence Series, 2009. [90 min] DVD
In order to stay vibrant, libraries need to provide patrons with what they want, including programs that enhance people’s lives.

Technology, Trends in Libraries: Tools, Skills, Staffing and Training, College of DuPage Library Futures Series, 2010.  [90 min] DVD *
Examine current emerging technologies, like open source software and next-gen library catalogs, and their impact on librarianship.

Terrific After School Programs for K-Grade 5, Nebraska Library Commission, 2006. [60 min] DVD 
Sally Snyder leads a video conference with some great ideas for programming from Nebraska librarians.

Tools of Engagement: Attracting and Engaging Library Users, College of DuPage Library Challenges & Opportunities Series, 2008. [90 min] DVD
Beyond capturing the attention of patrons, libraries must keep their patrons engaged by using technology and adding a dash of personal creativity.

Trustee Trouble: the Misadventures of a New Library Board Member, Wyoming State Library, 2009. [100 minutes] DVD 
Produced by the Wyoming State Library, this DVD features short vignettes of a new library board member and the trouble he runs into as he discovers the role of the Board and the many responsibilities he carries as a Board Member.

What is the Future of the Information Age and the Role of Public Libraries?, League of Nebraska Municipalities, 2010.  [50 min] DVD
This presentation focuses on the important question of the public library’s future and features William Crossman and Rivkah Sass.

Wikis, Podcasts and Blogs, Oh My!, Library Video Network, 2008. [30 min] DVD
This program highlights blogs, wikis, podcasts, RSS feeds, social networking websites, and video sharing websites. It also shows how libraries across the country are using these technologies to reach out to new customers and improve their services.


Writing Grants for Youth Projects, Nebraska Library Commission, 2006. [2 hrs] DVD
Join Sally Snyder as she gives tips on how to submit a grant application.

You Are but IM: Best Practices and New Directions to Serving Young Adults in Schools and Public Libraries, Patrick Jones Workshop, 2005. [3.5 hrs] DVD 
Well-known author and speaker reminds us what it was like to be a teen in order to help us better serve them.

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