System Peer Coordinator

TRaiLS observes that working professionals bring their own expertise and knowledge to the field and can assist in creating conversations, initiating group gatherings, and motivating participation in system events. As such, TRaiLS is implementing a new model of service that will draw on the strength, experience, and skills of librarians in the system. The System Peer Coordinator (SPC) service model seeks to foster a team approach through collaboration and shared learning to deliver system services to public libraries.

Beginning January 4, 2016, TRaiLS will begin recruiting for the four SPC roles. We are looking for individuals with the capacity to encourage and promote engaging and collaborative learning through their presence and intentional efforts. Ideal candidates will possess a strong commitment to building relationships with local librarians within their county groups.

Four county groups have been defined and one public librarian per county group will fill the role of System Peer Coordinator for his/her group. The county groups are as follows:

1: Knox, Pierce, Cedar, Wayne, Dixon, Dakota, Thurston

2: Antelope, Madison, Boone, Nance, Platte

3: Stanton, Colfax, Cuming, Dodge, Burt, Washington

4: Douglas, Sarpy, Cass

TRaiLS respects that rolling out a new model of service delivery requires openness to discussion, feel free to contact us via phone or email with questions or comments.

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Serving the libraries of the Platte, Elkhorn and Missouri River valleys