System Peer Coordinator job description

A System Peer Coordinator will:
•    Assist the System Director in finding training locations
•    Encourage county group participation in scheduled events
•    Coordinate at least one quarterly meeting for public library   directors
•    Recommend relevant training topics for county groups
•    Coordinate car pool efforts to the annual meeting and other continuing education events when possible
•    Contribute at least once a year to the system newsletter

Primary areas of networking and collaboration:
•    Technology development
•    Strategic planning and accreditation
•    Personnel management
•    Services for multicultural and diverse populations

•    Minimum two years of library work in a supervisory role
•    Ability to work independently utilizing strong organizational skills
•    Strong (oral and written) communication skills
•    At least one of the following: Associate’s degree in Library Science; high school diploma and current Public Librarian Certification.
•    Commitment to building relationships with local librarians
•    Must work within county group served

Quarterly stipend payments totaling $2,504.00 annually

Positions open until filled. Please send resume and cover letter to
Three Rivers Library System
11929 Elm St.
suite 18
Omaha, NE 68144


Serving the libraries of the Platte, Elkhorn and Missouri River valleys