Agenda for Library Board Meeting September 6th


Valley Public Library Board Meeting

Thursday, Sep 6th 2018
Valley Public Library
232 N Spruce St.


CHAIR OF MEETING:                    Cole Buffington, President

 This meeting’s agenda will be kept continually current and available for public inspection on the bulletin board in the library’s entryway and on the library’s website at


  1. Call to Order
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Roll Call (K. Held, T. Mejstrik, C. Buffington, B. Smith, J. Swahn)
  4. Proof of Posting / Open Meetings Act Poster
  5. Approval of Agenda [ACTION]
  6. Recognition of Visitors/Correspondence
  7. Public Comment – Limited to 3 minutes per speaker and 30 minutes total. When recognized by the chairperson, please state your name and address for the record.
  8. Approval of prior meeting’s minutes [ACTION]
  9. Reports
  10. Board President
  11. Library Director
  12. Friends of the Library
  13. Foundation
  14. Old Business
  15. [None]
  16. New Business
    a. Select a new library director. [ACTION]
    b. Giving the library director permission to open the library for special
    events outside of regular open hours. [ACTION]
    c. Allowing parent or guardian to give permission for minors to check out
    movies on their own and other youth movie checkout changes.
    d. Recommend a candidate for library board to Valley City Council.
  17. 12. Closed Session – The President
  18. Closed Session – The President may entertain a motion to enter into closed session in accordance with the Nebraska Open Meetings Act. [ACTION]
  19. Comments and Announcements by Board Members
  20. Adjournment

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