Book Talk Newsletter

July 2019: Children’s edition

More Than Books:

Free Internet Access

24/7 open Wi-Fi access within the library and just outside the building.

During library hours, we offer three Internet workstations for adults and four for children. Library staff will try to be helpful with computer usage questions, but you may need to bring a friend if your needs are extensive.

Children must have a signed consent form on file from their parent or guardian. (Internet access on the children’s computers is blocked during our Tuesday After-school program, so those children can use the computers for other activities.)

Homebound Library Service

If you live in Valley but are unable to come to the library, we would love to discuss how we can still serve you where you are. Give us a call, write a letter, send an email, or send a representative.

Print and Fax Services

We offer print, copy, fax, and lamination services for a small fee.

Special Items for Checkout

Microscope Kits

We have two microscope kits ready for checkout. Must be checked out by an adult, but we recommend showing young folks the wonders of the micro-world!

We also have microscopes set up at all times at our Science Station. Children must be accompanied by an adult to use the microscopes, but that can include library staff when we have the time.

Watt Detectors

As part of Omaha Public Power District’s Watt Detector Program, we offer two watt detectors for checkout. Plug the detector into the wall, then plug an appliance into it. You can find out how much it’s costing you to keep things running or even just plugged in.

Kindle E-reader

We currently have one Kindle available for checkout. Must be checked out by an adult.

Free Access to Paid Internet Resources

We have access to premium websites and database services through two sources. See:

NebraskAccess Online Resources
Omaha Public Library Online Resources

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