It was very nearly standing room only at our author event kicking off our Nebraska Reading Challenge on Thursday evening (September 22) with Tom Adamson reading from his latest collection of poetry. We are now ready to roll out our reading challenge!

Nebraska turns 150 years old on March 1, and we are celebrating Nebraska books! You can find a statewide reading challenge at, but our challenge adapts the list to include more books from our own collection and highlights more “close to home” authors.

Read 6 books from the Valley Library Nebraska Book Challenge (copies available at the library) and you may enter the drawing for one of four $25 gift cards from Barnes & Noble! Completed forms are due by February 28 and the drawing will be held on March 1. We also have a version of the reading challenge for children, and they may enter the drawing as well!


2000px-Light_bulb_icon.svgOur Watt Detector kits have been updated by OPPD to adjust for the new rate. This is an easy way to check up on how much energy some of your appliances or electronics are using. We don’t always think about the “phantom load” behind the scenes on gaming devices or DVRs, for example, but a Watt Detector kit can show you how much they are costing you when you aren’t even using them. Watt Detector kits may be checked out for 2 weeks.

Saturday Story Time

We learned about sheep on Saturday at Story Time.  We read Simpson’s Sheep Won’t Go to Sleep, written and illustrated by the Omahan Bruce Arant.  We counted sheep using clothespins and made our own sheep from our hand prints.sheep 1 sheep 2 sheep 3 sheep 4

What’s a Turnip?

At Whiz Kid Wednesday, we tasted 6 different root vegetables and rated them on how crunchy, moist and tasty they were. Have you eaten a raw parsnip?  Thanks to Rachel from the County Extension Office for presenting again today!veg 2 veg 3 veg 1