Director’s Report Oct. 1, 2013

Petty Cash Balance on 07/31/2013, $59.79, (10 cents in our favor), $56.48 on 8/31/13 (balanced), and $62.33on 9/30/13 ($0.40 in our favor).

Bills  We placed two orders with Kapco for book maintenance materials. One bill totals $111.88; the other totals $30.26.

General Statistics   We had MORE total visits than last year but less computer use and less program attendance (fewer weeks of Summer Reading Wednesdays). Checkouts totalled 1554: 613 adult books, 12 audio books, 127 DVDs, 801 children’s books.

Grants  We are eligible for another LIBRI grant; application is in process. We also are eligible for an Internship Grant from the NLC for probably $1,000 to pay one or more high school or college students at least minimum wage; our obligation is to provide some training in what library work entails. I will apply as soon as applications are being taken. No matching is required. The intent is to have help throughout the summer but especially during Summer Reading.


Staff  Sue and I attended the Kapco workshop earlier this year (3 CEUs) and learned a lot about protecting and mending materials. The last week of

September, Sue attended the Association for Rural and Small Libraries conference; she will report on it soon. She received a grant to attend it.

On August 1, I attended a training session at Sump Memorial Library on making and editing videos (4 CEUs). I wish it had concentrated more on using the editing software but it was excellent in many other ways and the information applies directly to work planned with the Teen Advisory Board and programming for teens. As of Sept. 30, I need 37 more CEUs by 2/9/2015. Sue will report her status soon.

Sue and I are attending Pioneer Training Day on Oct. 9. I am attended an online E-Rate training session October 10 and a Summer Reading Workshop in LaVista on November 15.

Expenses related to staff CEUs:  Will the Board reimburse mileage for the Oct. 9 training and the $17 enrollment and mileage for the Nov. 15 training?

Board  The Board needs 16 more CEUs by 4/20/2014. We will schedule 3 training sessions of about an hour each to cover this – one in November (we need an extra budget meeting then), one in December, and one in February.

Movie Survey  During the 2nd and 3rd weeks of September, Seniors completed a short survey about preferred evening movie times. First choice was Tuesdays. Second choice was Fridays. Thursdays and Saturdays tied at 3rd choice.

Movie preferences were John Wayne, Family, Sherlock Holmes, WC Fields.

I have scheduled a time to show Jon Herroon how to work the projector for the Saturday kids’ movies.

Woman’s Club Volunteers  Shannon Sydik (Catholic) and Jean Ang (Methodist) volunteered to be our liaisons with the local churches. The Christian Church is not currently open.

NLC Reports  I finished the digital survey (federal) at the library today, including the speed test (upload 368 kbps, download 5.6 Mbps, 19ms latency). I will file the accreditation application and post the strategic plan tonight and email it to the NLC.

Library Calendar through February  The Board received the draft calendar by email. We need to discuss it and decide what changes/additions to make. Primary is the schedule for carpet cleaning and recarpeting.

 Board Agenda changes I am drafting a proposed revised general Agenda for Board meetings and will send it to Board members soon. It will list specific topics to check on related to the goals in the strategic plan, rather than just old/new business.

Respectfully submitted,

Maria M. Cadwallader, Ph.D., Director


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