Walthill Public Library

Coming Along!

Written By: nbriggs - Nov• 14•16


Just stopped in to check on the progress of the new library building. One of the construction team said, “It’s Coming Along.” Yes It is! There are new changes everyday now. The siding is up and it looks awesome.  The sheet rock is almost ready for painting, and soon the electric and plumbing fixtures will be installed. It all takes time, but I am amazed how quickly it is progressing. It won’t be long before we are in our new building and unpacking.
Speaking of unpacking—the library has boxes everywhere. We are sorting, cataloging, discarding and packing books of all kinds.  Our plan is to have everything boxed and ready when they give us the go ahead. Right now we are looking at the middle of December for the final walk through. Then the fun begins!
We are hoping the move goes smoothly–and that we have good weather and volunteers to get us from here to there.

If everything goes as planned—watch for our Open House around the middle of January 2017.

Moving On!

Written By: nbriggs - Aug• 24•16

On Sunday, I looked out the window and noticed that many of the barn swallows were gathered on the electric wire in front of our  house. We are always amazed to see so many birds gathered in one spot–ready for their long journey.  The day after they leave, is always a little sad and quiet on the farm.

Just as the birds need to move on—the kids at the library have moved on–into school, new classes, new teachers and many new experiences.  It has been a great summer–very busy at our little library, but we are also preparing ourselves to move on.  We are continuing to prepare for our move in late fall or early winter to the newly remodeled building that will be our new home.  We are sorting and throwing out the old to get ready for the new.

Moving on is sometimes hard. I will miss this little library—and all the good times that have we have shared with our families, here. But as we prepare to move into our new home, I also look forward to the exciting adventures the new space will provide. Our new library building will have a kitchen–not a pretend kitchen like the one we have now. We will have a larger storage room, 2 bathrooms, a foyer, and coat racks and more. So, yes, moving on is never easy, but we are choosing to look forward to even more great experiences in our new home.

Playing Games

Playing Games


Puzzle Contest

Puzzle Contest



The beginning

Front of our new building

Front of our new building

Just some of our memories of this summer and what is happening with the new project!






Getting in the Swing of Things!

Written By: nbriggs - May• 25•16

Yes, school is out for the summer, and that means the Walthill Public Library will be hopping with activity. Our summer reading program is, ON YOUR MARK, GET SET…READ!  The “Read for Pizza”, reading program began on May 16th. Youth will be reading so many minutes to earn personal pan pizzas at our local CK’s.
Wednesday’s will be our special program day. Our first session will be Wed. 25th–Ready, Set–Read a Recipe. Nebraska Extension of Thurston County will be providing the programming for Grades K-6th. The library staff will have a fun activity the following day, to extend the lesson.
June 1st- the lesson will Ready, Set–Fill Your Plate–and the focus will be creating a healthy meal.
June 8th–Ready, Set–Think Your Drink.  This day the kids will be able to make a special healthy drink, using an exercise bike. The next day we will be making our own shakes–using what we learned.
June 15th–Ready, Set–Use Your Senses. Sweet and sour- “Dill Pickles” will be a must for our extension of this lesson.
We have lots to keep us busy this summer. We hope to have Hula Hoop, Jump Rope games, and a “Bicycle Safety Day”. We also have a variety of crafts planned to keep the kids busy on those hot summer days.
Good Food—Exercise—and Fun Activities— and let’s not forget what it is all about —LET’S READ!


Encouraging New Readers!

Written By: nbriggs - Mar• 31•16

books1Tablets, kindles and nooks and even our smart phones are some of the devices we now choose to read books. They are called EZ-readers, but I still love having a real book in my hands. I love the feel, the smell and just the entire experience of sitting down, relaxing with the good book.

It is time to redo the library window again and we are exploring different
ideas to encourage patrons and community members to come on in and check out a book.
In the last few months we have purchased some great new books to add to our collection. This week I found some great new reads that will be on our shelves as soon as I am able to process them.
Speaking of shelves, we are running out of shelf space, and can’t wait until we are able to move into our new building with all the new shelving. We have a new mobile shelving unit that should be arriving soon. Just in time to fill up with some of those great new books.
Watch for the new window display—it may just surprise you!

Adult Coloring Night

Written By: nbriggs - Mar• 30•16

Adult coloring night has been Postponed until Wednesday, April 6, at 5:30-7:00


Spring is NEAR!

Written By: nbriggs - Mar• 08•16

This Sunday don’t forget to set your clock’s ahead.


Books Books and more Books!

Written By: nbriggs - Jan• 27•16

Come on down to the library and see all the new books we just got in!


Santa Coming To Town

Written By: nbriggs - Dec• 08•15

Santa is coming to the library Saturday December 12th from 10-12 come on down and see Santa. While you are here your children can do some shopping of their own. $1 a gift with a limit of 4 gifts per child.


We Did It!!!!!

Written By: nbriggs - Oct• 20•15

Walthill received notice on October 1st that they had been awarded Community Development Block Grant funds under the Public Works area for $250,000. This completes the fundraising for the new library space. Work should begin in late 2015

Kids are Back in SCHOOL

Written By: nbriggs - Aug• 20•15

While the kids are back in school the cataloging of books has started (again) at the library and what better to start with than the Children’s section!